How To Be Free: The 7 Steps To Achieving Complete Freedom In Life


Real freedom starts from within.

What is freedom? Have you ever asked yourself this? We talk about it with our family, in relationships, in politics, religion, work, in every aspect of our lives, but what is it?

I am going to tell you a secret now, we don’t really like this question. We don’t want to define what freedom is because as long as it is vague we can make it be anything.

The truth is, real freedom, complete freedom is fiction. It does not exist. Freedom is a concept created by humans, an idea that has a contradiction right at its core.

We created this concept because deep down we know that we cannot be fully free within a society. The limits of freedom for one person end at the beginning of someone else’s.

We need rules to create a functioning system. And that’s ok, everything in The Universe follows certain rules. But why do we, from all other species, obsess with freedom.

How to Be Free:


Humans obsess with freedom because we struggle with a dichotomy. We have this completely free soul within us but we are aware that we are not free in the outside.

We are gods of our own inner Universe but almost insignificant piles of atoms in The Outer Universe and we are aware of it. We must follow the laws of The Universe.

We do everything we can to manipulate the laws of The Universe in our own will but at the end of the day we must follow certain rules. And society has magnified this.

We have this free part, let’s call it the driver, but it must follow laws, rules of society, it is influenced by biology, by our emotions, by our perception, our subconsciousness, beliefs.

The irony is that we lack freedom because we have a part that is completely free. We are free to obey the laws. If we didn’t have this part, like other species we would just live.

We wouldn’t obsess with freedom, rules, laws, we would just live and obey unknowingly. But after all, we have small room for choice, and to be really free we need to expand it.

The 4 Pieces of Freedom:

In order to expand your room for choice and gain more freedom in life you need to work on each of the 4 pieces of freedom. Each of these aspects adds to the others.

The first piece of freedom is time. Mastering how you spend the limited 24 hours given to all of us makes all the difference. Rich people buy time from others so they’re more free.

The second piece of freedom is space. This one is obvious, having the freedom to move is probably its basic level. Think also about transport, citizenships and permits.

The third piece of freedom is society. It’s the status you hold among people, the connections you have, the value you give, the income you earn that allows you to do more.

The fourth piece of freedom is yourself. How much you let your subconscious make the choices, how much you react on emotions, ego, how much you’ve mastered yourself.

Discipline and Freedom:

The fourth piece of freedom is probably the most important one because that’s where you start from. That’s where you can immediately start working on to make a difference.

As I said, working on each of these pieces adds to the others. Working on yourself, mastering yourself and your emotions, rising above your ego, it will give you freedom over yourself.

And you can do that from anywhere and at any time. Freedom over yourself will give you a bigger room for choice and control over your time and how you use it.

Freedom over yourself and your time will give you more freedom within society and to shape the space around you. All of these results will compound, unless you lose freedom over yourself.

Then none of the other pieces of freedom will matter. There is one tool that helps us to master the freedom over ourselves and that’s discipline. All freedom, ironically, starts with self discipline.

The 7 Steps to Complete Freedom:

1. Start with controlling the food you eat.

It might sound strange, but everything starts with controlling the food you eat. Rising above your desire for taste is the first step to mastering yourself and achieving complete freedom. It’s the first test that determines whether you are worthy of your freedom.

There is an active battle of capturing our attention in society via marketing, especially when it comes to food. We don’t eat to feed our bodies or for nutrients, we eat for taste. And our taste is the strongest temptation we must learn to overcome.

Controlling the food you eat is about freeing yourself from outside manipulation, from inner drives, and letting yourself, the driver, to decide what your body really needs and what is healthy for you to consume. It’s a hard step but it’s necessary. It’s foundation of discipline.

2. Respond before you react.

The second test is about mastering your emotions and emotional drives. We all have triggers. When someone holds the line for longer than usual, when someone is slow on the road, when you come home and the apartment is messy, different things trigger us.

These triggers arouse emotions within us and these emotions execute certain behavior. However, between these emotions and our behavior we have a small room to pause and steer to a different response. Learning to expand this small space is everything.

This will give you freedom over your emotions, not to suppress them, but to choose the behavior they catalyze. In order to respond before you react you must achieve awareness, you must observe the emotion, see what it tells you and decide the appropriate response.

3. Push yourself past discomfort and resistance.

Most of us are so afraid of leaving our comfort zone that it has become our prison. Outside our comfort zone, obviously, is discomfort, it’s the unknown, the uncertainty. But it’s also our personal freedom, our potential, growth. This is the third test of freedom.

Learning how to push a little bit more than our comfortable limits is a necessity in order to grow and gain more freedom. We resist discomfort, but pushing past resistance means that you acquire freedom to go out of your comfort on will.

This means that, if you exercise you do one more set, or you work for 30 more minutes on your dream, or you tell how you feel even if it’s uncomfortable. Gaining this freedom over yourself will upgrade your life to a whole new level.

4. Face your shadows.

The fourth test of freedom is the last test, everything after it it’s just a step that manifests your personal freedom into the outside world. If you pass the fourth test, you have proven to yourself that you are worthy of your freedom.

It’s all about facing your shadow. We all have it, this part within our psyche that sabotages us. The one way to face your shadow is to do the thing that excites you but scares you the most. For example, you want to start your own business but you are terrified. Do that.

It’s not about the outcome. It’s about facing one of the greatest drives of humans, our fear, and reminding it that you are the driver. Doing what you want despite your greatest fear is the ultimate test. If your greatest fear can’t chain you, nothing can.

5. Take control over your time.

When you gain personal freedom you are free from ego drives, from false beliefs and fears. You are free to listen to your heart and use the time you are given for your soul’s greatest benefit, not to mindlessly follow the herd or to try to fill an inner void.

Taking control over your time simply means organizing your day in accordance to your main goals in life that are now inspired by love. However, for the sake of freedom, you should consider using your time to create systems that give you more freedom.

This means that you create certain habits that optimize your health and productivity. Invest time in building assets that will generate you income. Don’t neglect the things and people you love but expand around them. Invest time in things that really matter to you.

6. Shape your reality.

You are the master of your own reality. But in order to be able to shape it first you must gain personal freedom and learn how to invest your time. Your reality is determined by your environment, by the people you let be part of it, by the information you consume.

Your emotions shape your reality, or let’s say color it. Depending on the emotions you experience you will perceive different things. The emotions you feel are promoted by your inner and outer environment, by people you hang out with, the information you consume.

This means that choosing to hang out with high consciousness people, to live in a more positive environment, instead of negative TV to read books for self development, even listening to more uplifting music, will literally shape a more positive reality for you.

7. Transcend yourself.

The last step to gaining complete freedom over your life is to transcend yourself. To get out of your own selfish way and to focus on what the world needs, how you can serve others, make the world a better place for everything and everyone.

The thing is, this might sound like the most selfless thing. But in reality it’s not. This is something we all naturally really want to do. Our soul’s purpose is based on this because it knows the law, the more you give the more you receive.

That’s why we are happier when we make others happy rather than just ourselves. Real freedom comes from moving out of your own way and letting your soul drive. That’s when infinite possibilities appear. From choices based on unconditional love.

What You Can Do Right Now to Be Free:

Letting yourself be unchained and completely free without consequences is not actually real freedom. It’s an illusion, it’s not the freedom you really seek. It’s actually the opposite of that.

Most people dream about this state of carelessness and liberty where they can just let go and let themselves completely off the leash because they do not know how to master their freedom.

That unleashing is not freedom. It’s actually amputating the force that can give you freedom. It’s like a horse rider letting their horse run free. The rider, however, is left horseless.

You are the rider. The freedom you, and all of us are really seeking, is giving the rider more room for choice in the outer world, and that is achieved through discipline and the steps above.

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