4 Tips for All Students Who Find It Hard to Get Motivated


They say that we learn up until our last day on this world. Life is series of lessons. But as a student, it can seem like your days are never ending.

From your first day of education right up until now, there is always something to study, to prepare for, when does it end?

It’s like you are in this spinning wheel and just as you think you have finished with your tasks more and more assignments show up.

Staying motivated to get the best results possible can be hard, especially as you progress in higher education and spend more time studying.

In case you’re having difficulties in this area, here are four tips for you and all students who find it hard to get motivated.

4 Tips for All Students Who Can’t Get Motivated:


1. Start with the main goal in mind.

What’s sometimes lacking from education is a clear reason for why a particular course of study is being taken. When there’s little focus on the why, the what loses its meaning.

You turn to external sources of motivation but external motivation fades away quickly, it’s not something you can lean onto. External motivation is much harder to maintain than internal motivation.

Internal motivation comes from knowing your Why. Knowing what you’re shooting for gives you clarity.

For instance, if you know that you wish to be an attorney because it’s a professional role that garners respect, pays well, or gets you some other requirement you are ultimately seeking, will give you clarity why you need to study, get good grades and take that diploma. It’s just a step toward your main goal.

Sometimes we lose sight of our main goal following the smaller steps required to get there. Remind yourself daily of your main goal.

2. Plan your fun time.

When you have downtime between study courses or semesters, plan what you’ll do to let loose and have some fun.

It’s important to release the stress and pressure felt from needing to get high grades. There’s no better way to do this than doing things that excite you, things that you enjoy and really love to do.

Just like with detailed planning for a vacation before taking the trip, planning some parts of your downtime is not the distraction you might think it is.

Actually, it will give you the motivation to keep studying hard because there’s something to look forward to in the near term, not in a few years when your studies are over.

You can even create rewards for yourself. For accomplishing a certain checkpoint, let’s say finish studying for the week, you get to do something amazing, something really fun. You will feel studying is a game where if you complete that level, you get that fun reward.

3. Surround yourself with serious students.

Not every student is on a path to success. Some students are irresponsible about their studies and only really start trying near the end.

Others perhaps aren’t blessed with a knack for rapid learning and know they must push hard every day through academia, and it shows.

Surround yourself with serious students. They’re not always the cool kids to hang out with but remember, you’re in education to learn and get the best grades that you’re personally capable of.

Hang with like minded students, share your ideas, converse about the topics you are studying, it will fertilize your mind to absorb the information you are studying much easily. Also their focus will rub off on you.

We are not talking to not be friends with others, nor that you should isolate yourself and only study, we are saying that having a study mastermind group helps in unbelievable ways. So, know when it’s time to study, and when it’s time to have fun, but behave friendly to everyone.

4. Follow the best motivators daily.

Motivation is like taking a shower. You do not do it only once, you do it whenever you feel the need to. So having a daily motivation routine is important for your emotional hygiene.

Daniel Wong, a great motivation expert and student helper, provides motivational thoughts, ideas on personal growth, and simple study tips to the many readers of his blog.

His ultimate study tips blog post features over 100 separate ideas for how to achieve more through academic studies to make the price of your education worth it.

He knows, and it’s a good reminder, that the final grades for the subjects being studied have a meaningful impact on the future.

Doing just 20 percent better can mean the difference between securing that dream job and coming up just short of the target.

Additional bonus tip to free your time.

You should aim to study smarter not harder. Find out the 20% that gives you 80% of your results and put your attention there.

There is always something you do, a way you are studying, a period of the day or a place that gives you most results. Forget everything else, do that.

Find your distractions and eliminate them. Make a list of the things you do that distract you from effectively studying, checking messages, social media, email, watching videos, memes, even planning to study, whatever it is, find them and eliminate them.

See what you can delegate and find ways to automatize the things that do not really require your attention.

Use the time you have freed to remind yourself of your main goal, to plan your fun time, hang out with serious students and to motivate yourself.

Use the above tips to set you back on the right path if you feel that you’ve lost your way. If you need personally customized 1on1 mentoring to help you stay motivated daily and do 30% better on your studies than schedule a free consultation call here so we can see how we can help you. Having a personal coach is the biggest shortcut for success in life. Play life smart.