How Can the Boss Keep Their Staff Happy


It’s not easy being the boss. While you may get to reside in a lofty office and wield an impressive title, it actually takes a lot of mettle to be in charge of an organization and a whole group of people.

Part of your job is to be the figurehead of the company and be at the helm as you take your workforce into new territory and towards business success.

The other and most important part is being able to manage a group of people who are doing what you are telling them to do.

An essential aspect of managing staff is being able to keep them happy.

But how can a business owner ensure staff feel content?

There is positive correlation between happiness and productivity:


It has already been proven that a happy staff are a productive staff. A study discovered that improving staff happiness actually led to a 12% increase in productivity.

Some workplaces work towards this by offering free breakfasts, fruit, beer, birthdays off, extra holidays, cycling benefits, childcare benefits, and even health benefits.

The workforce in general is moving towards benefits making their working life happier rather than perks, but as a boss, you can use both effectively to show you care about them on a personal level.

In a study into employee benefits and perks, 72% of respondents wanted unlimited paid time off, especially when a major concern was that they would waste some of their precious vacation days.

69% wanted rewards for healthy behavior, 68% phased retirement, and 66% wanted paid sabbaticals. Rewarding employees in this way and showing you care for them as people could help them be happier at work and more productive.

Happiness comes from knowing you’re being looked after:

Sometimes the simplest ways to keep staff happy in the workplace are the ones that require no deep thinking. Could certain staff members benefit from an additional monitor?

Well, a study found that a dual monitor set up for those who needed one improved productivity by 18% and happiness by 91%. Knowing the boss cares for them can also help improve the staff’s happiness in the work environment.

One way of doing this could be investing in their continued professional development. Training courses and added skills could help make the staff member feel valued and happier.

On a wider scale, even ensuring the entire team feels safe and secure in their work environment can make them feel happier at work.

For instance, having liability insurance for business gives employees peace of mind that their actions as employees are separated from their actions as individuals in the rare event of anything awry occurring.

Happy staff and happy boss is the new standard for companies:

Not long ago a big company was associated with big profits and greedy bosses who do not care about their workers. However, we are all evolving as humans in every area of our society so the work standard changes.

These days more and more companies are interested in their staff’s happiness. They understand that in order for one company to function the core of its health is the wellbeing of its staff.

And not just the staff, but also the boss. The happiness and wellbeing of one boss is projected on all the decisions of the company, the statistics, and also the wellbeing of the staff as they are affected by the bosses decisions.

So finding a staff boss balance in one company is one of the biggest aims for business coaches these days. They know that this balance means a better work life for all, staff, boss and also consumers of the company’s product or services.

Staff happiness may be the most important factor in succeeding in business. Low morale on your team could lead to a stagnation in the actual goals of the business.

Ensuring your team are happy both on a personal level and in terms of their work environment could be the most important task on your boss to do list. If you want free 1on1 30 min Business Mentoring schedule your call here, we give it as a reward to our faithful readers.