3 Spiritual Realizations That Will Show You How Wrong Everyone Lives


We have the keys to our own prison, that we ourselves have created, and we complain why the doors are not open.

It’s funny when you look at how majority of the world lives after starting to see things more clearly. It’s like most people live opposite.

Not that there is the right way to live, and that you awaken and you see others and you are like oh you fools you live in a wrong way.

But knowing the power they have, and the wants they have, and they do the opposite of what they can. They lack awareness of their abilities.

And they accept a life that is being told to them by people who have no idea themselves. They have all the tools they need, and they are used by them.

It’s like they are gods, living like worms, and whining why they are not living like gods. These 3 realizations will clarify what I am trying to explain.

3 Spiritual Realizations That Show How Wrong We Live:


1. Most of us limit our own selves.

If you say you can, and if you say you can’t, you are right. This means that you decide of what you are capable of. It does not mean that you can do anything, it means that you can set yourself with a mindset that can make you do anything.

Most people look to find some guide book. They look for someone to tell them what’s the right way. But the truth is that not a single person knows. We all just improvise. This means that we are all free to explore our own unique way of living.

But we don’t trust ourselves enough. We look for others to give us approval for being who we want to be. We accept limits others have created. If you see yourself as victim you will live as one. We decide our rules, make life harder it will be, make it easier it will be.

2. Most live like seekers while being generators.

Everyone wants to be happy. And most, if not all of us have looked for happiness outside of ourselves. This means that you get something that makes you happy, you buy something, achieve something, and you cling to this thing as an addict.

But you do not realize that the happiness you feel is a feedback, it actually is within you. And you have within you a factory for this emotion. You can generate this emotion whenever you want just by tuning into it and thinking in such manner.

And when you generate this emotion you will manifest this emotion into your reality by your choices. That’s how you shape your reality. Not by seeking more of what made you happy, but generating more happiness within. Do not seek, generate.

3. We are creators addicted to consuming.

Just like being generators, we are creators. We have the ability to create things into existence. We have the ability to imagine and create things, to invent things that were not existing before. You can create your own world with your own rules.

But what do most people do, they wait for others to serve them, to fill their hole. They consume, and consume, and nothing is enough for them. They wait for others to create the thing they want instead of using their own given creative power.

And we become spoiled. We become addicted, compulsive. The world today is not suffering from too little, but too much of everything. And the more people consume the bigger their hole becomes. Until they start creating. Then they discover who they really are.

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