5 Ways How To Be Better At Almost Anything


Keep pushing your limits, keep facing your fears, keep growing.

One of the best ways to grow is to go out of your comfort zone. It’s going to be scary, uncomfortable, but that’s where growth happens.

Many people are scared of leaving their comfort zone because they lack certain configuration in their mind.

We all need certain mentalities and attitudes so we can be able to decide to leave our comfort zone, to push our limits and grow.

When you lack these attitudes, it’s much harder to make yourself leave your comfort zone by pure will. You will hesitate and feel like it’s not worth it.

However, that’s just what the mind tells you to keep you inside your comfort zone. If you want to be better at almost anything, do these things.

5 Ways How To Be Better:


1. Be willing to give your best.

When you approach a task willing to give the best you can possibly give, even if you do not do great on it, you will at least have no regrets as you know you did all you could.

2. Be willing to learn.

One of the most important skills you can learn is to be coachable. Only when you allow yourself to learn you can improve in something. Otherwise it’s just ego praising itself.

3. Be humble.

Even if you are a master at something, be humble enough to realize that there is a lot room for improvement. You can keep improving only if you allow yourself the possibility.

4. Be your best friend.

Many of us have a judgmental negative voice inside our mind. It judges others and ourselves. This prevents us from trying things we don’t know. Install more friendly voice.

5. Be your own competition.

Majority of people compete with other people. But this is pointless. Nobody started from the same line, even their discipline is different. Compete with yourself in order to improve.

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