5 Mindsets That Create A Better World


Your mindset determines your options, your options determine your actions, your actions determine the change you make to the world.

Most, if not all of us, want to make the world a better place. What can make the world better? What’s the one thing we can all do to make better world?

The answer is we can all change to a better mindset. We can adopt a mindset that’s not just beneficial for us, but for everyone.

The mindset is not what determines how you see reality, it’s what determines how you act based on the reality you see.

And this is far more important. Your mindset is the mould that shapes the options from what you choose your actions.

And actions make change to the world. So when it comes to making the world a better place, here are some questions you should ask.

5 Mindset Questions To Make A Better World:


1. How can you give more value?

When you ask yourself this question, you shift from greed mentality to generosity, from scarcity to abundance, from victimhood to power.

Giving more value to the world adds more to all of us. If you show your strengths and talents to the world, we all benefit.

Instead of grabbing every opportunity to make money you should think about the outcome affects the world.

When you know that you can add value, when you know your strengths, you are sure you can make money because money follow value.

And you are in power to choose what you will do to generate as much money as you need, not whatever comes your way, but what you choose.

2. What is the inner problem you reflect?

Often when we are emotional we project it upon the world around us, we blame others, instead of solving the emotion.

Our emotions color our reality. The emotions determine what details you perceive from the world around you.

So when you say this thing made me angry, or the world is scary because you heard something on the news, take this in consideration.

What you feel is going to make you see things that reinforce this feeling. So it’s not the world around you, it’s the emotion within that you should face.

Face your inner wounds and heal. When you heal the world heals. One more person who is healed is one more healed person in the world.

3. How can you work less and accomplish more?

Asking this question will put in question your mindset and belief that you should work as much as you can to get more results.

But the thing is that results do not necessarily come from hard work, they come from right work. From smart work.

And when you find what gives you results, than you do more of this thing to get more results. But you should often question if there is a better way.

There is something you do, most of the time, that’s just a waste of your time, that you can either delegate, automatize or eliminate as it doesn’t serve you.

Having a mindset that stressful, hard work is not necessary, that it’s even preventing results, you will live less stressfully, so less stress in the world.

4. How can you make someone’s day happier?

Most of the time we are obsessed with what can make us happy, we are obsessed what we need, what we should get.

And this makes all of us stepping over each other. We are competing with each other even for things most of us do not really care about.

With this mindset we are not happy when others accomplish something, we try to find what did they do wrong, as if they do not deserve it.

When others get results from their work, we assume they did something wrong. But you should know that this thinking is reflecting on you.

If you are not letting others be happy, you will not let yourself be happy. And when you think how can you make others happy, you become happy.

5. Will the kid that you were be proud of you today?

As we grow up and get sucked into the hectic cycle of modern life we often forget about our desires and passions when we were kids.

We forget what made us excited and filled with wonder when we were young. That’s when we pause living.

We are alive, we have goals, we chase them and accomplish them. But this excitement within us, this liveliness, it’s on pause as we do not follow it.

We let the world tell us that we are silly for wanting something so childish and we accept the everyday machinery as normal. But that’s not living.

Asking yourself what would the kid that you were think of you is one of the most powerful questions. Remind yourself what you really want in life.

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