5 Ways How To Elevate Your Thinking And Think More Positive Thoughts


Your mind is a supercomputer but it is used for overthinking.

We are given supercomputers that we let run on automatic. That’s why most of us tend to overthink. We do not use our minds, they use themselves.

You might think that overthinking is overusing your own mind, but it’s actually not using your mind at all. It’s letting your mind use itself.

Using your mind means grabbing on and directing the flow of your thoughts. It’s using the supercomputer that you have for your benefit.

And when random negative thoughts are generated you are not used by them, you do not let them affect you. You just observe them.

You have a big powerful computer that can help you create whatever you want. But you do not have a user manual. You should learn how to use it.

5 Ways How To Elevate Your Thinking:


1. You are not your thoughts.

You are the thinker. You are not the thoughts that your mind generates. You are the one who observes them. When you see thoughts like these they do not have power over you.

2. Thoughts are not reality.

The thoughts we think are not reality. They cannot depict the real reality, they are just assumptions. So look at them as such. Do not take every thought for granted.

3. Think what you have instead of what you lack.

When you think about what you lack you tend to generate more thoughts that reassure scarcity. Instead think about some things you have and make you satisfied. It’s abundance.

4. Look for opportunities.

What you look for you will see. So if you look for problems you will see problems. If you look for opportunities you will find them and it will show you possibilities.

5. Do not react on thoughts.

Just like reacting on your emotions often creates negative outcome, reacting on your thoughts can do the same. Observe your thoughts and choose the ones that benefit you.

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