5 Steps How to Make a Study Guide to Reduce Stress and Organize Yourself


Students receive a lot of stress while they study. Some of their assignments are quite complex and young people get anxious about how to complete them.

The greatest fear is associated with various exams and tests. It shouldn’t be surprising because they are given to summarize knowledge and skills gained during a certain period of time.

The grades received on tests and exams have huge importance. They show the effectiveness of students’ study. The stress can be relieved if one has a good study guide.

Therefore, you should find out how to make a study guide. ProHighGrades offers its help. Prominent specialists know a lot about how to organize guides to study more effectively. They are eager to share their rich and successful experience. Make proper notes and learn how to organize your guide to study more productively.

Organizing your studying can take almost all the stress out of your back because you will have a strategy, you will know the steps, and you will take one step at a time. Here are 5 crucial steps to make a study guide.

5 Steps How to Make a Study Guide:


1. Gather as much information as you can.

Your initial step is to find as much information as possible. Meet with your teacher or professor and ask about all the points related to your future challenges. Your guide ought to be detailed and contain all the points about what you should study and pass. The information is supposed to provide general insights, as well as more specified. Define general demands for the future test.

Find out: What kinds of tasks you must fulfill? How many tasks you will have? How much time is given to complete every task? Are there any special demands? Is it possible to tackle tasks more effectively and quicker?

Afterward, add to your study schedule more specific data. Define some important points concerning the subject of your test, English, mathematics, history, etc. Everything is vital and can potentially provide you with some effective clues to solve assignments. Under the condition, something isn’t clear to you find answers. Ask your professors to clarify some unknown or too complex concepts. Seek some additional definitions, explanations, and resources on your own. Use libraries and online resources.

Students will find many different ways to overcome this problem. At the same time, some of them may have some trouble with writing a thesis as it is strictly required to follow requirements so that they may pay for thesis not to worry about it so much. In our opinion there is nothing wrong with asking help from others.

2. Collect proper materials.

Your guide should contain study materials, which help to optimize the preparation process. You can learn a lot from those materials and prepare more effectively. Make allowances for the following stuff:

Class notes. Gather all the notes you’ve taken during your classes. They surely have the information you’ve studied to complete various assignments. Some of them will be added to the exam.

Homework assignments. Include to the guide the tasks you have been assigned to do at home. Review them and memorize important clues.

Textbooks. Undoubtedly, it’s necessary to reread your textbooks. They contain study materials that cover the major aspects of the course.

Previous tests. It’s likewise essential to use samples of previous tests. Pass different kinds several times to see how good you are.

Practice tests. Ask your teacher for practice tests or make some. Most teachers have. These will help you test your knowledge before the test.

3. Organize your guide.

To enhance the productivity of your studies, organize the guide. Its structure and organization are dependent on the personal approach of a student.

Which learning style suits you best?

Visualization. If you’re a visual learner, it’s wise to use colored sections, images, mind maps, and similar stuff. Add charts, graphics and so on. They help to make your preparation more practical and accessible.

Linear structure. In case you have a linear mind, make it logically. Thus, you are free to organize your notes in a chronological or alphabetical manner.

Narration. You are welcome to turn your guide into some kind of narration. Divide learning materials into logical blocks, get the intro and main paragraphs. Add examples and explanations.

Enhance memory. If you have a big memory capacity and memorize information quickly, use it too. Use flashcards, roadmaps, video, and audio records to picture the necessary facts. Repeat data on a regular basis.

4. Prioritize information.

To bring everything to order, you should set priorities. Evaluate all the facts and materials that help to prepare for the upcoming challenges.

Determine the most important points that require your attention most. Pay them more attention than to other essentials.

Make sure you know all the definitions and responses. Practice answers and pass the sample tests many times to be sure you know everything.

5. Make a studying schedule.

After you define all the specifications, organize your notes, and prioritize them, you may create a schedule. Having a schedule will give you something to follow, a map that will tell you what step you should take.

It should include everything you need to complete your tasks and pass exams. Consider the time required to cope with your assignments. Your schedule ought to be flexible so you will not be overwhelmed by it.

It’s quite useful to study in more than one place. When we change locations, it positively reflects on our memory. Thus, the process of learning runs better and you do not feel bored by studying.

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