3 Healthy Activities that Can Make You More Productive Throughout the Day


Do you sometimes feel that the day just went by without you doing nothing special? Like you’ve just wasted the past few hours?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact, most of the world feels like this. Only a small percent of people use their time to be highly productive.

We sometimes have those days. Those days are done, and you can’t do anything more about it. However, you can do something now.

You can be more productive. You can learn couple of tricks, habits and tweaks you can implement in your everyday life to be more productive.

Today, we will share some tips how you can be more productive. Here are 3 activities to help you make the most of your day.

3 Healthy Activities that Can Make You More Productive:


1. Sleep better.

First all, you need to get quality sleep. We’re not talking about catching some few hours of rest that doesn’t even qualify as deep sleep. Adults are recommended to have 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day.

Your productivity is also determined on how much sleep you get the night before. When you don’t get a quality sleep, and that’s considered a sleep with at least 4 cycles, your mental energy is not fully replenished.

Your sleeping bed plays a big role. So if you’re still using an old, lumpy mattress, you really have to move on from that. You won’t get a good night’s rest because you would be continuously shifting your position throughout the night.

Aside from that, you might probably feel sore all over your body the next day. That shouldn’t be the way to start your day. Replace your old mattress already. There are many stores close to you where you can find a better one.

If you find it too time consuming to go to the store and get one, just buy it online. If for some reason you find it difficult for purchase because of its size, get a mattress in a box. It’s still your usual mattress but fitted into a smaller package.

2. Meditate daily.

Make time for meditation everyday. There are many benefits that you can get from it.

Why do you need to do it? When do you need to do it? The answer is you do not need to do it, however, it’s really good for you, and you can take 5 min of breathing meditation time any moment you feel stressed.

There are some days that the stress would be really bad. Some situations can escalate and be so stressful. Things can be so overwhelming that it could put you into a standstill.

However, when you meditate regularly, your mind relaxes and clears up. You have mental clarity and emotional calmness to deal better with these concerns. And you know that rational decision is almost always better than one based on emotional reaction.

Meditation improves your focus and you get better in your decision making. You make better use of your time. Not only that, it’s even related to the previous point. You sleep better when you meditate.

3. Eat smarter.

Some people may think that this is a no brainer. The thing is, you don’t just eat, but you have to eat and drink smarter. This means that you don’t just put calories inside your body, but you put rich calories.

How does your unhealthy consumption of food affect your day? When you eat unhealthy you are feeding yourself with calories but you are not making it easy for the body to get the right nutrients on time, and with ease. And this depletes your energy. It makes you unhealthy. And the lack of energy increases.

When you are stressed you may be tempted to go overload on food. Most often, you reach out for the unhealthy stuff. Too much eating will affect your focus and productivity.

You would be too full or too sleepy to get anything done. You will just end up feeling listless. No one’s saying you shouldn’t eat. You just have to be more mindful of your intake.

When you eat healthier, you feel better about yourself. You will have more energy and more mental bandwidth. This means you will make faster and better decisions while taking action and being productive. Eat well and see how your productivity will increase.

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