3 Secrets To Real Transformation And Why Traditional Self Help Doesn’t Work


Real transformation, unlike many assume, is not loud, it’s actually very, very silent, subtle, and unnoticeable by the individual.

Most traditional self help doesn’t work in the long run. Have you noticed? It’s like something is constantly pulling backwards to the old you. This is because real transformation did not happen. Real transformation, unlike many assume, is quiet.

You feel like that was always you. And traditional self help do not touch this area at all, it circles around it. It gives positive change, I am not saying it doesn’t, but not transformation.

It does not transform the self, because to transform the self you need to dive deeper than traditional self help, deeper than positive thoughts and habits. Real transformation happens when you work under the hood. It’s becoming whole.

3 Secrets To Real Transformation:


1. Real transformation is facing your shadow.

Look at it like this. We have our core. Then we have a layer on top of our core, that’s where most traditional self help aims at. And we have a third layer on top of that, the one we all pretend we are like, the mask we wear for other people.

However, real transformation happens when you work on your core. When you work on your core than all other layers naturally change. You don’t have to force positive thoughts, you don’t have to pretend positive emotions or change habits.

Working on your core means facing the shadow aspects of you that do not want you to be happy. It means healing old family wounds that you still cover up, and letting go of emotions that you accumulate and carry with you.

2. Real transformation is instantaneous.

When you work on your core and when you deal with all the dirt under the hood, then you will be free from all the forces that are pushing you backwards. You will not need to force positive thoughts, you will naturally have positive thoughts.

The moment you let go, you will naturally have better mood. You will naturally want to integrate healthier habits in your life. You naturally love yourself when you are free from all the aspects of you that do not. It will not feel hard at all to be positive.

And the strangest part is that you will not even feel the change. You will not even think that there is something changed with you. But others will tell you. They will stress how much changed you are. And it will be strange to you as you’ll think that’s always you.

3. Real transformation is about unconditional love.

The thing about real transformation is that you do not need anything outside of you. It’s leading you to this realization. That there is nothing wrong with you, that there is nothing you need to fix nor heal, nor improve, nor change.

Real transformation is about becoming aware that you were always enough, you were always worthy of love and that the only one standing in your way was you. It’s not about healing, it’s about integrating parts of you and becoming whole.

All that real transformation is trying to make you realize is that you are worthy of nothing less than unconditional love and that you have this love within you, you are this. When you look at all aspects of you and accept them, real transformation happens.

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