Here Is The One Healthy Thing That We Learned This September 2019 You Should Know


We all know that eating too much meat is not good for you, especially red meat. We know about many things we shouldn’t eat.

We know that too much fat is bad, too much protein is bad, even too much water is bad. We know that we should avoid processed and fast food.

We all know that we should eat more fruits and vegetables, that we should eat organic food and buy natural products.

We know that natural products are good for us, but we don’t know that it’s not that simple. Not a lot of people know that nuts, for example, are bad.

They are bad if you eat more than one hand of them per day. Beans as well. Many vegetables like peppers and tomatoes, even potatoes and legumes.

The One Healthy Thing For This Month: Do not eat more than one hand of nuts per day.


The thing that not a lot of healthy eating articles say is the relationship between living beings in nature. Not the fairytale one, the real one.

Just like you, living beings in nature want to remain living. Just because you as a human and animals can be considered as living, plants are living too.

They also want to keep living. They do not want for you to eat them. Not just you, anything. They want to keep living.

That’s why, just as any organism in nature, they create defensive mechanisms against other predators, and plants are masters at biowar.

They create chemicals that will either keep predators away, or harm them. One such chemical is called Lectin, and it is like a torpedo for your stomach.

It’s what causes a leaky gut and many of our beloved vegetables and nuts have this chemical within them.

That’s why eating more than a handful of nuts per day is bad. You will consume too much of this Lectin chemical.

That’s why many people will leave beans to soak in water before cooking them, to remove these chemicals. Or why some peal of skin of tomatoes.

However, just like with any other healthy information, do not go all paranoid about this. Just keep it in mind next time you plan your meal.

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