The One Mental Tool You Should Learn This September To Become A Super Version Of Yourself


We can all agree that the modern way of living is hectic. It’s much different than the way we evolved for thousands of years to live by.

There are thousands of tasks we need to do daily, many areas of our life we need to constantly juggle, and countless thoughts streaming in our mind.

It’s really easy to become lost, to fall of the wagon and to think there is something wrong with you. But nothing is wrong.

The way of life is just more than we can handle, and we try our best. So when something is hard to manage, we don’t just play hard, we play smart.

And the smartest tricks are usually the simplest, ones that we overlook. This month’s mental tool is one of those little tricks that make big difference.

The One Mental For This Month:


Create Reminders

We have created powerful devices that we carry in our pockets and we use them to escape reality instead of shaping it to our will.

One such device is your phone and mixed with the internet it has a godlike power. One such power is to simply create reminders. Yes, reminders.

Remove some burden of your mind and let your devices carry it for you. Let them serve you, remind you of things you need to do. Or go old school.

Use little notes and papers to remind yourself, put them where you can see them when you need to see them. Or even ask someone to remind you.

Whatever you decide, creating reminders is a powerful mental tool that frees significant amount of mental bandwidth for you to work with.