Here Is The One Healthy Thing That We Learned This August 2019 You Should Know


Being healthy is actually simple if you understand that all you have to do is not to be an obstacle to your being’s natural healthiness.

However, as simple as it sounds, when you start to check what is bad, what is good, what you should do and not do, things get much more complicated.

There are industries of information designed specifically to help you choose what’s best to do or consume in order to be healthy.

There are countless healthy solutions and even contradictory advices on how to live a healthy life. And with work, study, modern life, it’s harder.

There are so many balls to juggle with and you don’t even know what are the right ones to add. But the secret is not in adding more, but reducing.

The One Healthy Thing For This Month: Take away the unnecessary things instead of adding more.


The greatest thing you can do right now, not just for your health, but for your business as well, is to take away the unnecessary.

Simultaneously you should invest more on the important, on the things that give most results, while reducing or delegating the time wasters.

When it comes to your health, it’s not what’s the next healthy food I should insert in my menu, but how can I simplify my life and allow health.

You should ask yourself, how you can allow health to emerge from your being naturally. Ask yourself what unnecessary burden prevents this.

It might be that you overwork, or overstudy, or even over exercise. See what you do more of that damages your health and eliminate it.

We think, even with business, the more busy we are, the more things we do, the better our business will progress.

But in reality is not how much things you do that really makes the difference, it’s how much of the things that make a difference you do.

When it comes to health, it’s not how much of the healthy foods you eat, or how many healthy activities you practice, it’s what of those benefit you.

That’s the secret to being healthier. Not adding more things, but removing the ones that prevent you from being naturally healthy.