The One Thing That Truly Separates The Normal Humans From Superhumans


Being a human you are given many tools that you can use to literally create any reality that you want to live in.

You have your body as something that your being experiences the world through, something you can use to sense, explore and grow.

You have your mind, a superpowerful tool that can literally generate you solutions to almost any problem, a way to any place you want to be.

You have your spirit, a shaper of any reality that you desire, a system you can install any belief in and choose the rules you play life with.

You have your heart, the most correct compass you will ever have, one that continuously points you toward the direction of your soul, of its evolution.


So, considering that any human has these tools, and many more, what can possibly be the thing that a superhuman has.

Actually it’s something that humans have as well, but it remains dormant. Something that once they develop they transform into superhumans.

And this thing is available to all of us, but rarely who exercises this things, and even more rare who actually unleashes its potential and ability.

This thing is awareness of choice, freedom of choice, to be present and aware of your tools and choose consciously how you can use them.