The 3 Biggest Reasons Why You Should Make Following Your Heart A Main Priority


Your mind tells you the ways you should live by, your heart tells you the things worth living for.

There is a dilemma between what you should follow, your heart or your mind. And people are giving different opinions for both.

However, you should not choose one of them in my opinion. They both give important elements that you need for your life.

Your mind gives you the right directions, the right information and the best strategy to accomplish something.

Your heart gives you the things that matter to you, the meaning for your life, the things you care about the most.

Most people neglect their hearts because its directions often are scary. But those directions give your life meaning.

The 3 Biggest Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Heart:


1. It generates directions based on love.

Our decisions and options come from some state of being. When you follow your heart your decisions come from love, that’s what your heart is inspired by. And when you do things inspired by love you create a reality out of this love.

2. It gives meaning to life.

You can be cautious all your life. You can take the easy way, you can neglect your heart. But it will cost you the meaning of life. Following your heart gives meaning to life. It gives this sense of feeling alive, it gives us reason for living.

3. It is what you would have wanted to do the most.

Almost every single person, when they look back, they regret not doing the things that their heart told them to do. So following your heart should be your priority, you are making sure that at least you’ll know you did what you wanted and it made you happy.

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