The One Mental Tool You Should Learn This August To Become A Super Version Of Yourself


Probably one of the greatest blocks to creative insight and invention is being serious. Every brilliant idea came out of some form of play.

Artists play, scientists play, authors play, most brilliant people all throughout history who invented something mindboggling played.

They all had this thing in common. When they started working it seemed like time didn’t exist, and they just felt like playing.

They felt like playing and it didn’t felt like too much effort, even though the action they took was heroic, hard and tough. So there is something in play.

Being playful is not as much as playing games or being silly, as it is about setting this mindset for yourself. With the play mindset limits are pushed.

The One Mental For This Month:


Mindplay Setting

This month we will show you one technique, one mental tool, or a habit, that will help you access your personal playspace whenever you want to.

If you have this playspace you can use it to juggle with different ideas, invent and boost your creativity as well.

To create your Play mindset you need to schedule a time in your day when you consciously plan to not be serious. This can be for one hour.

In this one hour you are giving yourself permission to be silly, to not follow rules, to explore and play, like a child.

This playing will be just a sense for thinking. However, even if you start playing something it can help induce this state.

To achieve your play state you need 3 things, a play zone, a play trigger, and a play goal. All of these things work together.

Your play zone gives you room for playing, your play trigger starts the play state and the play goal is where you aim.

Your play zone is actually the scheduled time you gave yourself. Within this boundaries you are free to enter the play state, to be childish.

Your play trigger is an activity. Some people want to dance to their favorite songs, others want to paint. Find what puts you into a play state.

And the third thing is your play goal, you need to have an aim for your play. When you get into the play state you need something to play with.

And this can be inventing something, finding better solutions to your problems at work, or just thinking of a new chapter of your book.

But when you put this play goal into your play state it will be elevated and seen with a new perspective, one that uses your creativity.