Here Is The One Healthy Thing That We Learned This July 2019 You Should Know


The world seems to be obsessed about the right way to eat. Many people don’t know how to eat properly while others struggle to find food.

It’s one of the world’s biggest problems. There is big confusion around this subject, big chunk of misleading unchecked info, manipulative propaganda.

While some preach about not eating animals others preach about the importance of eating meat, it’s like a war of information.

This war of information cannot be won because whatever side you choose there is something right in the argument they have.

Therefore, instead of choosing sides, we should look objectively at all sides, see what they try to say, find what they are right about, and collect wisdom.

The One Healthy Thing For This Month: Eat to feel good after eating not to feel good while eating.


One thing we realized is that it’s not about what type of diet you will choose. It’s about what type of eating is best for you in certain moment.

Our body is an intelligent machine and it knows what it needs, it know more than we consciously understand. It tells us continually.

It’s just that most of us do not listen to it, or don’t know how to listen to it. But it knows what it needs and it tells us.

Because it tells us what it needs we can use its wisdom to eat healthier. And if it’s still hard for us to manage, there is one great rule you should follow.

Instead of eating what’s tasty, choose to eat foods that make you feel alive, refreshed, healthier and energetic. Usually these foods are best for you.