The 3 Mindsets That Help You Get Rid Of Your Anxiety For Good


Anxiety is an overprotective, overly afraid friend with a flawed perspective about the world’s reality.

Each emotion has its purpose. Each emotion serves a part of you. There are, therefore, no bad emotions, just more pleasant and unpleasant ones.

Anxiety is one unpleasant emotion with an irritating nagging that there might be something wrong, that something might get wrong.

It’s like an overly afraid, overly caring person who is continuously seeking certainty and reassurance that everything is ok. It needs those things.

It seeks that everything is ok sense. And the more you are reassured the more doubting questions sprout in need of reassurance.

The important thing is to not see anxiety as an enemy, or as something wrong with you. You can try to seek help to overcome it, but if you find it hard on how to tell your doctor you have anxiety, you can still find different ways to deal with it, such as having a strong and positive mindset. Here are 3 mindsets that tremendously help deal with it.

The 3 Mindsets That Help Rid Of Anxiety For Good:


1. Your anxiety is a friend.

One of the worst things you can do when you feel anxious is to resist your anxiety. It will just make it worse. Just imagine if you needed to tell someone a really important message and they kept ignoring you. It will make you scream louder to them.

That’s actually what anxiety does when you resist it. Anxiety is like an overly concerned friend who cares too much about you. So when you resist what your anxiety is trying to tell you, this friend will start trying to get your attention in more intense ways.

The message of anxiety is that there might be danger, it doesn’t know what or from where, but your friend is just overly concerned. So instead of resisting anxiety, welcome it, just like you would welcome a friend. Listen to it, thank it, but do not take it for granted.

2. Your anxiety is one step more afraid than you.

Try this. Whenever you feel anxiety ask yourself what exactly might be causing this anxiety. So let’s say you are anxious because you need to speak to a stranger. Use this data to do exactly what you are anxious about. Go out, find someone, and just say hello.

The moment you do this your anxiety will move one step away. It will say ok, but do not engage in a conversation with a stranger. So you do exactly that, you find another stranger and ask them something simple, something about the weather.

Your anxiety, again, will move one step back. It will say ok, but do not take their contact. So you see, anxiety is always one step more afraid than you. It is there even though you did everything it said not to. There is no actual limit, it moves the moment you take action.

3. Your anxiety believes a lie.

We all want to feel a sense of certainty. That’s why our mind creates belief systems and identity for ourselves, to know at any moment how most of the world functions and what’s our place in it. Whenever a situation or event threatens this sense, anxiety is activated.

Any potential situation that threatens our identity and beliefs, makes us anxious. What anxiety tells us is that there might be something that will prove the map we have of the world to be wrong, that our certainty is an illusion. So we resist doing these things.

But anxiety believes in a lie. It believes that the map we have is correct. There is no correct certainty in the world for the sole fact that we cannot perceive most of reality. Part of uncertainty is present in everyone’s life. Embrace this and anxiety loses power.

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