5 Positive But Subtle Things You Can Do For Others To Make Them Love Your Attention


When you think about giving instead of taking, you find the things you actually need.

Everyone is obsessed about themselves. But when you obsess only with your own needs, for some strange reason they are harder to attain.

The world is an interesting place that works in many paradoxical ways. One of these dynamics is helping others. When you give others you have more.

This is really counterintuitive but it’s how things work. Being obsessed with taking more for yourself, you are creating more lack.

Creating more lack you are finding hard to actually meet those needs you want to meet. Start thinking about what you can offer others.

Think about how you can give more, you will actually find opportunities that give you exactly what you need. Here are some things you can do.

5 Positive But Subtle Things You Can Do For Others:


1. Listen to them.

This might be obvious, but most people don’t really listen to others. They wait for a window to respond. Actually listening to others gives them the attention they seek.

2. Give them a hand.

We all need a helping hand with something. But how many people offer their help? Not a lot. Being a person who takes away 15 minutes of their day to help others goes a long way.

3. Make them laugh.

If you can make someone laugh, you just helped them climb a little higher on the ladder of positivity. So tell jokes. You will feel amazing as you see other laugh.

4. Tell them a positive advice.

There is something that you have seen or read on websites like this one, that you know can make someone live a better life. Share this positive advice with others.

5. Remind them of their strengths.

We all need a reminder from time to time, we all need a person to remind us of our strengths when we have forgotten them. Be that person, tell others you believe in them.