3 Questions To Find Your Soulplace


Your soulplace charges your soul with energy.

We all have a place that when we go to we feel like a new person, like the one who we were always meant to be. These places are called Soulplaces.

Finding you soulplace is crucial in order to take control of your vibe and energy. Your soulplace helps you realign with who you are.

Depending on what kind of vibe you originally have, you will have a unique soulplace that is in alignment with your real self.

Your real self holds the original vibe of your soul. That’s why not all people have the same soulplaces, nor do they feel the same in the same places.

You have probably stumbled upon couple of soulplaces in your life. But if you do not know how to know where your soulplace is, answer these.

3 Questions For Finding A Soulplace:


1. In what kind of environment I am the happiest?

The environment that makes you feel the happiest has something in it, people, dynamics, activities, energies that align with your soul and soul’s purpose.

2. What kind of things bring joy to my heart?

The things that bring you joy are directly connected with your soul and soul’s purpose. They are directly connected to who you really are and what you need to do.

3. Where do I feel recharged?

The places that make you feel recharged are places that have energies aligned with your default vibe, with the energy that your soul originally emits to the world.