The 4 Easy Ways How To Make The Most Of Your Next Family Road Trip


Spending time with your family might not be your favorite thing to do. However, it can be really fun if you all work together. Summer road trips top the list of vacations taken by American families, with around 53% planning to see the U.S. by car this year.

Road trips offer an unbeatable sense of freedom and convenience, and they enable families to bond and reconnect, which is great news for parents and children who don’t manage to spend enough quality time together on a daily basis.

If you are set on taking to the wheel this summer and you’d like to ensure that everyone, parents, kids and pets included, have a fabulous time, follow these tips and make it a trip to remember.

4 Ways How To Make The Most Of Your Next Family Road Trip:


1. Space for fun is crucial.

Each family has specific activities that makes them feel closer to each other. In your family, this might include board games, reading, or watching films together. If you will be on the road for a considerable portion of your journey, you need enough space to store these items. When selecting a car type, make sure yours has a spacious trunk. If you’re a large family or you’re traveling with pets, a fifth wheel RV may be well worth considering. A trailer will enable you to bring items like bicycles, skateboards and sports gear like helmets, hiking and diving gear etc. so you can practice all your favorite sports at your chosen destinations.

2. Make lists of things you want to do for all.

You know you will be traveling from Point A to B, but you may not know all the natural and cultural wonders that each city, town or village houses. Ensure that your trip isn’t too structured. One of the greatest wonders of road travel is the discovery of new sites that take your breath away. If you are traveling with children and they are old enough to conduct research online, let each select one unique place to visit along your journey. You may be surprised by the unique treasures that even your youngest family member has discovered.

3. Food and snacks are big part of the fun.

If you will be visiting various cities or towns, make sure to try out a few local delicacies. From sweet to savory items, don’t miss out on trying out specialities, especially those made with local products. Think about cheese, freshly baked bread and local recipes that soothe body, mind and soul.

4. Create a playlist that surprises.

Because you will be spending many hours in motion, creating a knockout playlist is key to keep morale high and to keep children’s minds off the question, “Are we there yet?” Does your partner love grunge? Is your child mad about classical music? How about you, are you mad about 1980s hits, or do you find the Beatles impossible not to sing along to? Make various playlists, at least one for each family member. Remember that you don’t only have to listen to music. If you’re feeling a bit tired or anxious, or the kids are starting to argue, apps like Calm and Breathe will run you through short 5 to 10 minute breathing or meditation exercises that will take you back to the present moment and lower stress levels for young and old alike.

They say that the best way to enjoy a family road trip is to make no plans at all. While it is true that the freedom of moving as you wish and going where you want to is immensely liberating, doing just a tiny bit of research to discover top must see places can boost the fun factor. Travel light, but not so light that you leave crucial comforts at home, make playlists you could listen to and never grow tired of, and above all, remember that you don’t have to achieve or do one thing in particular. The secret to a fabulous road trip is simply being, and if you can do that with the people you love, all the better time you will all have.