How To Be A Positive Influence For Others


Awareness is essential if you want to make the world a better place.

We all want to change the world. We all want to make thing better for everyone else. But we don’t actually do anything about it.

Making the world a better place starts with you, with your awareness and freedom of choice, with making better choices for you and everyone else.

This is not something that you do every Friday, there is no formula on what exactly you need to do.

There is no formula because every person is different, and you need to make positive influence every single day, in different situations.

All you need is to be more aware. This will help you be more present to every moment and make a choice what is best thing to do for everyone.

Be A Positive Influence For Others:


You have a freedom of choice, a free will to choose the direction where you will invest your time and energy.

You are free to decide your thoughts, the meaning of things, how you use your emotions, the actions you take, your social circle, your environment.

This being said, you have the power to influence others, to choose how you will happen to the world. All you need is to be aware.

And awareness is not taught, it’s trained. You need to train it daily like a muscle, the more you train your awareness, the bigger it is.

The bigger your awareness is, the bigger space and more control you have to make your own choices based on reason.

This gives you an ability to decide how you influence others, what advices you tell them, whether or not you tell them something positive or negative.

Because we are habitual creatures, we tend to create habits and compulsions that help us live on automatic, not really thinking what we do.

Not thinking what we do, we are bound to act as everyone else, as the stream moves. However, if you want to elevate the world, you need to lead.

This demands for you to exercise your free will and make better choices for everyone else. As you do this, you help others be more aware themselves.