10 Things You Should Know About Happiness To Gain Clarity Out Of The Confusion


The more you seek happiness, the less happy you are.

The whole world seems to be on a quest to find happiness. But these times people report to feel the most lonely, depressed and confused than ever.

Is it because we became bigger whiners than our ancestors, or is it something wrong with the way we go about this quest? The quest is wrong.

Seeking happiness creates distance between you and happiness, it creates lack, and the more you chase after it the bigger the lack is.

The bigger the lack is the more lonely, depressed and confused we feel, because we get momentary happiness and realize it’s what we are after.

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to happiness, especially with modern spirituality. In this article we aim to clarify most things.

10 Things You Should Know About Happiness:


1. There is no happiness within you to be found, there are things you can pursue that will make you happy.

2. Everything that makes you happy outside of you is linked to something within you, that’s what really makes you happy.

3. Happiness starts from within you, because all the things you think are going to make you happy are actually projections of things within you that you want to pursue.

4. Following the things you are passionate about, your purpose, your dreams, the pursuit itself will actually make you happy, even though you are not actively pursuing happiness you will stumble upon it a lot more than if you were.

5. There is a big difference between joy and happiness, the one comes from pleasure, the other comes from being aligned with what your purpose is, with what really matters to you, with your essence.

6. Happiness is a sign on the path of purpose, you do not try to find the sign you actually try to find the destination and that’s your purpose, so follow your purpose and let the signs of happiness guide you.

7. Happiness doesn’t give you more energy, it simply releases more energy from your potential.

8. Happiness comes and goes, purpose is what’s important, purpose is what gives meaning, it gives fulfillment.

9. Being happy is not the most important thing in life, it’s just one color out of the whole big palette.

10. Trying to do what makes you happy instead of what is right and what gives positive results is selfish, it becomes an ego desire, it’s overrated.

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