The 3 Ways To Look At Food So You Can Make Better Choices By Yourself


Feed your body, not your self.

With all the nutritionists and all the articles around the internet writing about healthy diets, it’s hard not to get confused.

There is contradictory advice, false promises and a whole industry working to sell you an easy solution, a quick diet to meet your requirements.

And the thing that gives them away is the only positive description they decorate their advice with.

This gives them away because there is no perfect diet. Every diet has flaws and cons, you should choose the one with the flaws you can tolerate.

However, eating healthier is possible. If you want to learn how to eat healthier you can study these principles that will clarify many things.

The 3 Ways To Look At Food To Eat Healthier:


1. Food is information.

Consuming food is just like any other consumption. When you read a book, watch a movie or converse with someone, you are feeding your mind information. You are digesting sentences and words dipped in meaning and you extract information.

The information you consume becomes part of your mind, of your memory. Positive information can help you and your whole system become a better version of yourself. It’s the same with every meal that you eat. Just like words are digesting the food molecules.

You are extracting information from those molecules, information that is stored within your body. This information can benefit your whole system, or it can make it harder for it. It can be wisdom, or more confusion for your system. Eat simple dishes, but vary your foods.

2. Think how you can make it easier for your body.

Most of us eat foods based on their taste. The taste that a meal is giving us a priority for the majority. Other people eat just so they can replenish their energy. However, eating is like giving a package of energy for your body and it needs to unpack it.

If unpacking the package takes a lot more effort than the reward within is worth, than there is no point in giving and unpacking that package. Most people will make their body spend a lot of effort unpacking a package just for the taste.

If you want to start eating healthier you should think about making it easier for your body, giving it packages that are easy to unpack but hold valuable rewards. Eat veggies, fruits, organic and locally farmed food. It’s an easier package to unpack filled with nutrients.

3. Do not eat until you feel full.

We have habit of eating until we feel full. Some people eat even after they feel full because of the taste buds. They will stuff their mouths even if they know they will feel nauseous after, just because they lack discipline to resist their taste desires.

Eating until you are full is ok. However, the information that we are full has a lag of around 15 minutes, and if you wait until you feel being full, you will actually over eat. So that’s why you should aim lower. If you eat until you feel full you have already over ate.

The smarter and wiser way to eat is to sense when you are almost full. Then, you need to have a discipline to stop. You might think you can eat a little more, but remember, the information lags. So be smarter. Eat until you are almost full.