5 Things You Should Know Before You Start To Follow Your Heart


Following your heart means voting for the things you love.

Follow your heart. This is an advice you hear or read almost everywhere. But rarely who explains what does it really mean to follow your heart.

We all have something that we can create, a paradise reality we can channel into the world. We all have a sense of this vibe we can feel it.

No matter who you are, you have a sense of your ideal reality. The things that you love resonate with the vibe of this ideal reality you can create.

The things that you love, your passions, your purpose, people you are getting along with, all these things are glimpses of your paradise reality.

When you follow your heart you are actually investing in this ideal reality, and the more you invest in it, the more you manifest it into the world.

5 Things You Should Know Before Following Your Heart:


1. There will usually be a really smooth start.

Whenever you decide to start following your heart it will seem like everything conspires to help you. Opportunities and signs will present themselves to guide you.

2. There will be tough times.

However, as you start following your heart things will start looking harder and harder. At some moments you will think it’s impossible to achieve what you want. But keep going.

3. There will be a moment you feel apathy.

At some moments you will feel completely lost. You will be confused, not knowing what is it that you actually want, that you are actually following. You will feel apathetic.

4. There will be a moment you will be alone.

At other moments it will seem like nobody else believes in the vision of your heart but you. You will feel alone, you will doubt yourself and your decisions to follow your heart.

5. There will be a much greater reward.

And if you push through these trails, you’ll get a reward much greater than you imagined. Following what you love will result in creating a reality with the vibration of what you love.