9 Sentences You Should Be Telling Others A Lot More Often To Make Them Crave Your Attention


We all love people who make us feel good about ourselves.

We all want for other people to like us. However, rarely do we consider how we make other people feel, what we offer them, what kind of value.

Our mentality is that others should like us just because. But do you like others just because? No. You like specific people who make you feel good.

We might think that we are somehow different from others, but in all probability we are not, it’s just that we can’t see this behavior.

We can’t see this behavior because we have blindspots and biases. We all want to feel good, and we all want people who make us feel good.

If you want others to crave your attention become someone who makes their day a little brighter, who makes them feel a little happier.

9 Sentences You Should Be Telling Others A Lot More Often:


1. You look beautiful today.

2. What a brilliant point of view, I didn’t thought of it that way before.

3. Thank you.

4. You are really kind.

5. You always make my day a little happier.

6. I love the way you speak about this.

7. You deserve to be loved, you deserve happiness.

8. Just be yourself, you’ll find the right people for you.

9. You have a beautiful smile.