The Number 1 Trait That Entangles Everything Else You Need For Saving The World


Love, Kindness and Invention is what the world needs the most right now.

Let’s make one thing clear. When we say save the world, we mean the world of humans, the actual planet is fine with and without us.

So why would we need to save our world? Well, we live in an era when either we will come closer together or we will isolate ourselves even more.

Humanity as it is right now needs to wake up. It needs to look within and rediscover the essence it held for so long.

We need to rediscover what makes us human, what’s the best thing about humans. We need to remind ourselves how to love as human beings.

Because even though it might seem like a cliche, but love will save us. And in order to bring more love into this world you need one essential trait.

The Number 1 Trait You Need For Saving The World:


Empathy. That’s the trait that merges everything together. It’s the nexus that entangles every other trait in a network of positivity.

But why Empathy you might ask. Well let’s first explain what really is Empathy. Is it feeling what the other is feeling, is it love, kindness?

Empathy is seeing a piece of your soul in others. It’s a simple way to describe it, but it’s profound if you think about it.

Empathy is looking at others, even the people you might see as your enemies, and see that they are part of the grander whole you are.

It’s seeing a part of you in other people, connecting with this part and feeling what this part might feel. It’s connection beyond personas.

This connection is one of the deepest connections you can make. But why exactly Empathy? How will Empathy save the world? How it connects all?

The world is lonelier than ever. People are more connected than ever but also, lonelier than ever, because they do not connect on a soul level.

Connection on a soul level is one of the many things that Empathy offers. It helps us understand each other a little better, become one big family.

When we are family, when you see a part of your soul in others, would you like to harm them? Of course no. You would love them, try to save them.

This is exactly why Empathy connects with everything else. Every other trait is enhanced by Empathy, it has a flavor of love for all the world.