The 3 Default Ways Most People Follow In Order To Find Inner Happiness And What Superhumans Do Instead


If you are like most people your main goal in life is to be happy. Most people obsess over happiness. They organize their life around it.

Many are unsuccessful because the more you seek happiness the less real happiness you actually experience.

There are 3 ways that most people realize to bring them real happiness that is far more different than the momentary pleasures.

These 3 ways are considered the default directions that even the most enlightened people took to live a life of everlasting happiness and joy.

However, Superhumans have discovered that there is actually another option you can approach this whole happiness trilemma through.

The 3 Default Ways Most People Find Inner Happiness And What Superhumans Do:


1. Complete detachment from material possessions.

That’s what many monks choose. They detach completely from the material world and they are forced to look within. That’s how they find that happiness lies within.

2. Achieving big personal goals.

The people who are more outer world players orient themselves in achieving goals and success. These people find the happiness that comes from taking action.

3. Following their joy.

Some people who have discovered that their emotions are actually a compass that points them toward becoming their best selves follow their joy. They find the joy of happiness.

Superhumans realize that true happiness comes from within themselves, but they don’t detach themselves from the material world. They realize that happiness comes from ambition and taking action, but they know this happiness doesn’t last very long yet it’s still a worthy experience. They know that our emotions direct us toward becoming our best selves, they follow their own joy, but that’s not their main compass. Superhumans don’t seek happiness, they seek fulfillment. They follow their core purpose and by walking this path they continually stumble upon happiness, pleasure and joy. If you want to become a Superhuman go here and subscribe.