The 3 Core Rules For Achieving Unshakeable And Everlasting Inner Happiness


Real happiness is an inside job.

Before we reveal the 3 core rules for everlasting happiness you should understand one crucial thing. There are 2 Happinesses. One is a glimpse of the other.

Most people are after the glimpse mistaking it for the real deal. The glimpse comes from things outside of you, experiences, possessions, achieving your goals.

And when you feel this type of happiness it feels amazing. It feels like the real deal, however, it lasts only hours or days, less than a week. That’s because it’s a glimpse.

It’s a glimpse of the primary type of happiness that comes from within. Every other happiness just pokes at this primary type. That’s why most can’t see the difference.

The happiness that comes from within is everlasting because it doesn’t follow the rules of time that the outer world follows. Here are the 3 core rules for inner happiness.

The 3 Core Rules For Everlasting Inner Happiness:


1. Stop seeking approval and validation from others.

The biggest addiction in the world, one you might not be aware that even you are addicted to, is validation. Give yourself the approval and validation you seek from others to escape the trap of this addiction. In fact, that’s the only way you will ever be satisfied.

We all seek validation, we all try to fill this hole within us, but the more validation we get the bigger the hole becomes. It’s because the more validation we get from others, the more disconnected we become from ourselves, the more of our power we give to them.

This is what created the hole in the first place, giving our personal power to things outside of us. The only way you can get the validation you are after is taking your power back. Stop doing what others praise you for, and start doing what your soul wants you to do.

2. Develop an abundant and thankful mindset.

Your mindset is the prism through what you render your reality. Creating a positive mindset is like training a muscle, it demands repetition and discipline. Think of all the things that you are grateful for daily, create a list, write them down, feel the thankfulness.

This simple habit will shift your mindset from scarcity and looking at everything you don’t like, to abundance and thankfulness for all the things you have. And when you make this mindset stronger you will realize there are so many treasures you are sitting on.

The thing that determines whether or not someone is a happy person, is not the amount of things they have nor the value of things they possess. What truly makes a person happy is the value they see in the things they have, that’s why greedy people are rarely happy.

3. Go after fulfillment and not happiness.

Do not seek happiness. There is an interesting law in life. The famous philosopher Alan Watts called it “The Backwards Law” and it basically states that when we are after happiness we become more miserable, while if we accept misery we become much happier.

Chasing anything creates a chasm between you and the thing that you want to get. Needing to get something, needing happiness, needing love, just reinforces the lack of it that you feel. Instead you should let go of the need and follow your joy.

Do things that you enjoy doing and without chasing anything opportunities will present themselves to acquire your wants. And instead of happiness, go after fulfillment. Happiness comes and goes, but fulfillment is everlasting. When there is fulfillment there is happiness.