4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Seeking Enlightenment


Enlightenment is not going to some desired place, it is bringing that desired place to where you are right now.

There is a beautiful movement in the world these days. People seem to wake up and seek different ways to become more enlightened.

It’s a beautiful movement because it has a potential to show people glimpses of the truth, and it isn’t violent movement.

However, it doesn’t mean that seeking enlightenment is the right way, nor that living a spiritual life is the right way to live.

There is no right way to live except the way that seems right to you. And seeking enlightenment has confused many people.

It actually gave them the opposite outcome of what they intended, it more complicated their lives. Here is why you should stop seeking enlightenment.

4 Reasons To Stop Seeking Enlightenment:


1. It means you are moving away from something.

Seeking enlightenment means moving towards what you think enlightenment is. It also means you are running away from what you think enlightenment is not. But this is the biggest trap, it puts people in a loop stopping them from experiencing true enlightenment.

2. You cannot follow anyone’s path to enlightenment.

Each and every single person, just like we all have a unique sequence of memories and unique point of view, we all have a unique path to enlightenment. Most people follow other people’s paths and they do not end up in the same place as the enlightened ones.

3. Enlightenment cannot be reached.

We have a linear mindset. We believe that we need to put an effort to get an outcome. And that’s correct for the world we live in. But applying this rule to enlightenment is like looking for the right place to reach breathing. You don’t need to reach breathing, you just do.

4. You are already enlightenment.

Enlightenment is our natural state of being. It is something we come in this world with. It’s the nature of who we are. We just forget it. You don’t need to do anything to be enlightened. You just need to realize that you already are, you always were, enlightened.

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