The 3 Secret Habits Of Any Successful Relationship


In order to build a successful relationship with someone else you need to build a successful relationship with yourself.

Relationships are as different as people. The combination between each individual creates a different type of reaction in a form of relationship.

However, there are some details and elements you can find in all relationships that are an integral part of their dynamics.

We all know what is needed for a working relationship and what should be avoided. Love. But it’s not that simple.

If it was that simple there would have been no dysfunctional relationships. In fact, what most people see as bad habits are actually crucial healthy food.

Through our experience we have seen 3 healthy foods for successful relationships. Here are the 3 secret habits of successful relationships.

3 Secret Habits Of Any Successful Relationship:


1. They let each other argue without getting mad.

Arguing in a relationship is considered a bad sign. However, arguing is nothing more than weighing out different viewpoints and opinions. What’s bad about arguing is when you make it personal. Then it’s destructive. Otherwise it’s a great relationship tool.

Through arguing we share our reasoning and evidence supporting one idea that we stand by. Relationships are systems where both participants have their best interest at heart. So, when someone is wrong, it’s not just good to argue, it’s the responsible thing to do.

Through arguing you open your mind to other people’s perspectives, and if you don’t make it personal and get hurt by it, you learn from it. Successful relationships have arguments, but these arguments are not fights, they are debates based on mutual love.

2. They schedule a quality time only for themselves.

While you build a relationship you spend time with your partner. However, most partners don’t spend quality time alone. And quality is the key word here. It’s not just about being alone with your partner, it’s about using that time to reignite your love.

It’s about using your time alone to get to know each other again, to see how you are doing, who has grown a new passion or new desire. Partners in successful relationships respect this habit and make dates just for themselves no matter if they have kids or lots of work.

You see, you don’t fall in love once. Relationships exist as partnerships between individuals who have agreed to spend time with each other in order to fall in love with each other many times, again and again. This is the secret to passionate and successful relationships.

3. They have some project they work on together.

In many successful relationships there is some kind of a project between the partners. They either start a side business together, or a passion project, some DIY project for their home or invest in something together. They might even enroll in the same class.

Whatever it is, they embark on some kind of special journey together. This journey can be building their character, building skills, or literally building something. The important thing is that they practice partnership. They see each other in action building and improving.

There is something beautiful in seeing your partner put their time, energy, will and passion in something you are as invested in yourself. It’s the essence of partnership. It shows your love for each other manifested through the mutual project.

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