The Top 3 Most Unattractive Traits Anyone Can Have That Repulse Others Away


The birthplace of all unattractive traits is weakness of character.

Being an attractive person is all about the energy you radiate and the character you have crystalized through your life.

We all face hardships and struggle, we all have our own monsters that we need to deal with. How you go through those is how you grow your self.

You can read billion articles about attractive traits and how to have an attractive personality, but real attraction comes from your character.

Character is much different than personality. Personality is a mask, character is your real self. And there is one thing that makes the difference.

It’s strength and weakness. In fact, weakness, choosing the easier path rather than the right one, is the mother of all most unattractive traits.

The Top 3 Most Unattractive Traits:


1. Neediness.

The most unattractive trait of all is neediness. There is no more repulsive character than the one who is constantly in need of attention, in need of approval, in need of love. Neediness is like a black hole that sucks everyone’s energy without ever filling.

The people who are needy are not to blame, they need to be healed. They have this emptiness within them that they desperately try to fill. However, filling this hole is actually making this hole bigger. It comes from deep insecurity and sense of unworthiness.

To fill the emptiness and heal they first must jump into it. By surrendering to this unworthy feeling, by facing their fears and insecurities they will, in fact, find that they are worthy. That they always were. They will see that the hole was only an illusion they reinforced.

2. Perfectionism.

One of the most difficult people to deal with are perfectionists. Movies usually try to glorify this trait for some reason. They often portray men and women who are really good looking but have a perfectionistic personality. And it’s appealing on screen.

But try to hang out with someone who is a perfectionist. Try to be in a relationship with them. It will feel like walking on nails. Perfectionism is not something you are born with, it’s a byproduct of feeling as not being good enough. It’s a coping mechanism.

Since they don’t feel as good enough, they create an impossible standard for everyone else. There is no perfection in this world. We are all human and we all make mistakes. Perfectionists need to accept their flaws. Our shortcomings is where we really connect.

3. Shallowness.

The most sublime trait of all the most unattractive ones is shallowness. A person might look great, they might have a soothing voice and can talk about many different topics. But as time goes by there seems to be no depth, no real connection with them.

That’s why shallowness is the most sublime, because you can hardly notice it at first. They might not really listen when you talk, they might not share their honest feelings, their flaws, their desires, they might appear as cool, uninterested. These are all sublime signs.

The greatest test for shallowness is talking about emotional topics. See whether or not they express real, honest emotions. Shallow people are weak people, they are afraid of feeling their own emotions. We all seek connection, but they are not connected to themselves.

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