The One Mental Tool You Should Learn This June To Become A Super Version Of Yourself


Probably the biggest destroyer of achieving goals is procrastination. It’s putting off work that is not necessary for the moment, but it’s important.

We all procrastinate to a certain degree. However, the secret in achieving your goals is doing that unnecessary important work when you are free.

We usually do something to relax, we watch mindless television or scroll through social media while we can work on our goals.

Instead of working on our goals we leave them aside. And it’s all because we don’t have a good momentum of completing steps and reaching goals.

There is one really powerful technique that, if you implement it, it can help you gain momentum toward any goal you want to reach.

The One Mental For This Month:


Song, Step, Checkpoint

This technique is really powerful when it comes to finishing boring tasks we often postpone like cleaning your mail, or writing those reviews.

However, it can be implemented toward any more important goal that you find yourself postponing taking action towards.

It’s really simple. It’s actually in two parts. The first part is to find what goal you are trying to reach and to separate it in smaller goals.

Create a smaller goal to aim for.

So let’s say your goal is to clean 100 emails. Separate this goal in 10 checkpoints of 10 emails.

The second thing you need to do is create a routine. It’s the Song, Step, Checkpoint routine, or mental tool as we like to call it.

Create the mental tool.

It’s a tool because you can use it for many goals. What you need to do is to follow this routine at least for one week.

Find a song you enjoy, listen to it, as it finishes take the first step and open your email inbox. Then, immediately play another song you love.

However, now try to clean as many mails as you can until the second song finishes. If you need more time, depending on your goal, create playlist.

Race with your playlist, starting from your second song and try to beat your records. After one week this will be a trigger for you to start working.

You have installed a mental tool that you can implement for any goal that your break down to smaller goals.