Monthly Astrology And Energy Update: 3 Things June 2019 Is Bringing For Each Person


If the last month was about surrendering to the wild storm of energy, this month is about realizing what this storm is about, and it’s about healing.

The theme of this month is CONCLUSION. It’s about coming full circle with older things, about letting go of what’s not working anymore, starting new.

Do not be surprised if older plot lines of your story start to emerge, or if something triggers older wounds, or you end some relationships.

These occurrences are all part of the energy this month brings. They help you conclude old chapters and start new and more beautiful ones.

Do not be confused if anger shows up, it is all pushing you to step forward and emerge from your cocoon. It’s all about healing and evolving.

3 Things June 2019 Is Bringing For Each Person:


The first major cosmic alignment for June 2019, is the New Moon which falls on the 3rd in the sign of Gemini. The theme for this New Moon is going communication. We are given a chance to wade through the facts and figures in order to awaken to our truth.

Following the New Moon on the 12th, Mars finally gets back into its usual playing field. If you have felt quick to anger or a little more irritable than usual, Mars returning to its normal territory should help to bring a sense of ease.

If irritabilities have come up for you, take this as a signal or signpost that you need to take a deeper look and work out what is triggering you so you can release and soften these triggers once and for all.

Following this on the 17th, we have the Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. This is a beautiful Full Moon and a welcome treat before we enter Eclipse season. Eclipses are not meant to be feared, but rather celebrated as they put us where we need to be.

On this Sagittarius Full Moon, we are going to be given a gentle nudge in the right direction, so be sure to pay attention, as this Full Moon will be preparing us nicely for what’s to come in July.

On June 21st, the Sun will enter Cancer signaling the Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the official start of Summer, and in the Southern Hemisphere, this is the official start of Winter.

On this same day, Neptune goes retrograde which gives us a total of four planets in retrograde. Neptune is the planet of art, creativity, magic, and spirituality. It also represents the veil between illusion and reality.

Neptune’s energy is actually quite strong all through the month of June, and while retrograde, it is going to be helping us to sort through areas of our lives that we feel a bit confused about. It’s a wonderful time to journal about your dreams or your feelings.

This month is all about healing. It brings with itself a perfect energy storm for healing and the best way to heal is to surrender to the storm until you get to the eye of the storm. It brings older chapters, sense of conclusion and anger for healing.

The first thing that this month gives is opportunity to end Older Plot Lines. This means that you are given a chance to go through a memory lane and close some plot lines of your story that have finished but still linger in your subconscious mind. It’s how you heal.

The second thing that this month gives is a Sense Of Conclusion. This means that you are given an energy of courage, stability and faith to end old patterns and relationships that are no longer working and embark on an adventure to build new ones.

The third thing that this month brings is Anger For Progress. This means that even if you are more peaceful person you might show real anger. But use this anger as a push to move forward, out of things that you don’t want to be around and into things that you like.