5 Overlooked Habits Of Mentally Strong People To Help You Build Strong Character


Strength of a character is what should all strive to get, it’s the way of becoming your greatest self.

Having a strong character is not what many people think it is. It doesn’t mean you are an emotionally unavailable machine, quite the contrary.

Having a strong character means you stand for yourself no matter if you are alone. It means that yourself is all you need, but you don’t push others.

It’s not easily acquired, but it’s something everyone should strive for. It’s what actually means being adult, not what most people do as they grow old.

Many adults are not adults, they are codependent children inside with a mask of an old adult for the outside. A real adult is independent person.

This demands mental strength. Mentally strong people have certain habits, we often overlook, that actually build the strength of their character.

5 Habits Of Mentally Strong People:


1. They push themselves slightly over the line.

Whatever you do, be that going for an exercise or starting your own business you have to get out of your comfort zone. At least a tiny little bit.

Pushing yourself past your comfort zone is a habit that mentally strong people do really often. However, there is a trick to this maneuver.

The people who preach getting out of your comfort zone without acknowledging the importance of a comfort zone miss one important thing.

And that is the fact that we all need a comfort zone. Because only by having a comfort zone we will have the friction of going out of it.

So the trick is to push yourself slightly over the line, to stretch your boundaries without being overwhelmed. That’s how you grow.

2. They practice kindness.

The default mindset of the world will be confused if you say that kindness and mental strength are very tightly entangled together.

We usually associate mental strength with emotional coolness, with strictness and ruthlessness, an unfazed look. But that’s just a facade.

It’s a facade of an insecure person who hides behind this cool persona as behind a shield. They don’t master their emotions, they numb themselves.

And numbing yourself is a form of escapism. Mentally strong people are the kindest people because they face their own emotions and with kindness.

They practice kindness every single day by willingly diving into the storm of their emotions, embracing it, and being kind to themselves in midst of it.

3. They care about all their relationships.

The best teachers about our deepest aspects of our own psyche are relationships. They reveal everything we try to stuff down.

Every single relationship you have is a dynamic, a model that reveals a relationship you have with a particular aspect of yourself.

That’s why it’s really important to give a good amount of attention to each relationship, and to reflect the dynamic you have with that person.

Reflecting on the dynamic, you’ll reveal key lessons about the relationship you have with yourself. Mentally strong people know this.

They know that every single relationship comes from the relationship you have with yourself. That’s why they care about all of their relationships.

4. They exercise responding rather than reacting.

We say the word ‘exercise’ because responding it’s literally like a muscle. You need to exercise it in order to make it stronger.

Mentally strong people exercise the ability of responding every time they get triggered. They try to observe the emotions bubbling up.

They don’t react, they just observe and listen to what their emotions are saying about deeper aspects of themselves.

As they listen to their emotions they embrace them, they do not avoid feeling them, they just exercise the ability to choose a better response.

Being mindful and expanding your awareness are important elements in exercising this muscle. It’s the muscle that gives you real freedom.

5. They train to look for the benefit.

You’ve heard it over and over again to look for the positive in everything. But this is not as simple as it sounds. If it was, everyone would do it.

Looking for the positive in every situation is a great way to shape a more positive mindset, however, sometimes it feels a little off.

It’s normal to feel angry, afraid, sad in moments that evoke these emotions. And thinking about a positive might feel off and it might even be escapism.

It’s escapism because you try to focus on one side of reality and avoid the other side. Mentally strong people accept the whole reality of a situation.

They look for the benefit. They see the negative, the positive, and look for the way the situation can benefit them and help them be a better self.

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