The So Called ‘Positive’ Habits That Are Actually Bad For You


Advice from information rather than knowledge tends to be a bad advice more often than not.

There are so called ‘positive’ habits that do more harm than good in people’s lives. These are mindlessly preached, but not really thought through.

With the self help industry on the rise there are many coaches who give advice based on information they have read online and not on actual experience, research and results.

Most people read about self help topics on the internet through articles and take the information of these articles as correct without even testing it, then they share it to others.

And when others hear it they share it themselves, and we create this giant circle of half correct advices. Based on our experience there are certain ‘positive’ habits that are bad.

These are the most commonly given ‘positive’ advices from so called ‘experts’ on the internet that can complicate your life more. Try to reprogram your mind out of these.

The ‘Positive’ Habits That Are Bad For You:


1. Think only positive thoughts.

Imagine watching a fictional movie, and every time there is a sad scene the movie jumps to other random characters who do not have important role to the movie. That’s what you do to your mind when you try to avoid negative thoughts and force it to think positive.

In reality there are no negative and positive thoughts, they are all just thoughts. We give them the value of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ based on what we associate them with. The thoughts have no power by themselves, we give them power.

Avoiding something is giving it power. Mindfulness and meditation are not aimed to teach you how to control your thoughts, but to show you how to be less controlled by them. It’s ok to use your mind for positivity, but don’t obsess so you waste mental energy.

2. Overcome negative emotions.

Just like with your thoughts, there are no negative emotions. Sadness, anger, fear, envy, even depression, they all have their purpose. They are all valid emotions that tell you important messages about yourself. They are not something you need to overcome.

Your emotions are something you need to listen to. They give you valid data about you. Hear the messages and see how you can act on the data so you become a better person. We should aim not to transcend, but embrace the full specter of emotions.

There are many programs and self help coaches who promise a life without fear. But do you really like that? Fear is like a little kid. You are the one who needs to hold the kid by its hand and show there’s nothing to be afraid of, not turn your back on it.

3. Remove negative people from your life.

One of the quickest advices that self help coaches give you is to cut away all toxic and negative people out of your life. What if you are the negative person, and you perceive positive as toxic just because it doesn’t agree with your opinion? You’ll be more confused.

That’s not a very good advice, especially for people who need help. They don’t have a clear mind and they will just start avoiding anyone who makes them feel a tiny little bit bad, even if that person just has a different opinion and it’s their ego that gets hurt.

Yes, building a more positive environment in your life is important. But instead of cutting everything that’s negative try to learn from it. What is negative about it? Instead of avoiding negative, start building positive and things that don’t fit will be gone naturally.

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