5 Things That Are Draining Your Energy Every Single Day


One of the best skills you can learn in life is how to manage your energy.

We have a limited amount of energy and time in one day. All of us. The way we direct our energy and how we use it determines most of the quality of our life.

This means that mastering how you use your energy is one of the most important skills you can learn in your life. That’s all what it comes down to, managing your energy.

Mainly, there are two sides you can work on this skill. One is learning the best ways to use your energy and the other is learning what things just waste your energy for nothing.

There are many things that just drain us from our energy, however, there are 5 really big ones that we encounter daily. These things are like energy traps that give no real rewards.

Becoming more mindful and avoiding the things that drain you from your daily energy is the first step to mastering your energy management. See how many of these affect you.

5 Things Draining Your Energy Every Single Day:


1. Arguments that are not constructive.

This is one of the biggest ego traps, when we enter an argument with someone that doesn’t lead anywhere. Avoid such arguments. They use your energy for nothing.

2. Pointless distractions.

From mindlessly scrolling social media to watching pointless TV shows, there are distractions on every corner that steal your attention and drain you from your energy.

3. Unhealthy food.

Eating unhealthy food is usually more damaging to your body and mind than useful for the energy it provides you with. By eating unhealthy food you are decreasing energy efficiency.

4. Overthinking.

Your mind spends a quarter of your energy capacity. Overthinking is misusing your mind’s potential. It wastes energy that can be used for building the life that you want.

5. Negative habits.

Habits exist to make things more automatic for us so we spend less conscious effort. However, this can be one big trap if you are automatically following negative habits.

Make a list and write down exactly how many hours of your day you spend on each of these things. Try to reduce that by 50% simply being mindful about these energy wasters. If you want to get coached and learn techniques about becoming superhumanly more productive with your energy, contact us at [email protected] or schedule a free coaching call here. We would love to help you.