You Are Most Likely Stuck At One Of These 4 Areas In Your Life


Modern humans seem to be unable to handle modern life.

In today’s world people have much more balls to juggle than they had one century ago. We have to worry about health, career, friends, partners, school, social media, status updates.

Some might even worry about their favorite celebrities and idols, or whether or not their favorite TV show will be canceled. Too many worries from too many sides.

We worry about too many things, and not worry enough about the things we should actually give more attention to. This lifestyle is the reason for many disorders.

Disorders like anxiety and depression are more common globally, cases of loneliness and deep unhappiness are on the rise. People seem to do something wrong.

Most people get stuck in one, if not all of these 4 areas. They are getting stuck either at business, health, relationships or happiness. See what area are you stuck at.

The 4 Areas Most People Get Stuck At:


1. Business.

You either can’t find a job, or you are stuck at a job you don’t like dreading Mondays and living for the weekends. You can’t live freely and do the things that you want because you don’t have enough money, energy or time. You feel like a slave to your routine.

2. Health.

You live sedentary life. You don’t exercise regularly, your diet is mostly processed, fast food, you eat at an inappropriate time. You are not satisfied with the shape of your body. You feel lethargic, afraid, and anxious after you wake up, you lack vitality, clarity, energy.

3. Relationships.

You feel lonely. You lack deep and meaningful relationships with people. You crave for that one person you will connect deeply with, but they are nowhere to be found. You can’t find your soulmate. You attract the wrong people in your life, you enter in wrong relationships.

4. Happiness.

You feel deeply unhappy. No matter if things go your way, if everything seems to be working well on the surface level, you feel miserable inside. You feel sad, purposeless, you can’t find meaning. You feel as if nothing is worth anything. You feel lost and confused.

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