How To Get A Free Life Coach Right Away


A life coach is like having a friend who is a psychologist.

Life coaching is probably one of the greatest new things that has developed in the modern world. However, many people don’t yet understand what life coaching actually is.

To put it simply, life coaching is psychology, mentorship and friendship merged together. A life coach is a person who is experienced at solving a certain struggle in your life.

It’s having someone to give you the right advice, techniques and wisdom to solve your problems, someone to believe in you when you need them to the most.

It’s someone to help you become the best version of yourself. But getting a life coach is not so affordable. Most life coaches charge about $1,000 per month for one call weekly.

However, there are simple tricks that not many people are aware of, you can use to get a life coach for free. Here is what you can do if you want to get coached for free.

3 Simple Ways How To Get A Free Life Coach Easily:


1. Join free online life coaching communities.

There are countless platforms where you can find pages, groups and communities about literally anything. Some of these platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Quora and other Forums where people discuss about various topics.

Facebook is probably the best option for finding a free life coach easily because there are groups dedicated to life coaching. Just go within one of these groups and ask for help. Describe what you struggle with and ask if someone would want to help you.

Many great life coaches who are just beginning with their online carriers would like to gain testimonials and reference points, so they will be glad to coach you just for the experience. You can even find groups dedicated specifically to your problems. Don’t be shy. Ask.

2. Ask coaching from your experienced friend.

We, humans have one very weird ability. We can give the greatest advice when it comes to others when they struggle with something, and be terrible at giving ourself advice when we struggle. Even if it’s the same problem, we think the same advice will not help us.

That’s why your friends can help you big time when it comes to finding a life coach for free. Just ask your best friend to listen to you, for 30 minutes, ask them hear you out. Even if they are not experienced at giving advice, they will share a different perspective.

Even better, if you want to find a fitness coach, or a nutrition coach, see if you know someone who knows a couple of things about these topics and ask for advice. People would love to give you advice, we all want to be acknowledged about what we are good at.

3. Schedule a free coaching call with us.

And probably the easiest way to get a life coach for free is to schedule a free coaching call with us right here. We have a team of experienced life coaches and we would love to help you out. We give free 30 minute coaching calls to our faithful readers as a gift.

If they then want to continue with the coaching we are happy to give them a reasonable offer. But we think that everyone deserves a 30 minute opportunity to share their story and be lended a listening ear for free. No matter who you are and where you are from.

We have a big team of Life Coaches that captures almost every major area people struggle with. We have Emotional Coaches, Relationship Coaches, Anxiety Coaches, Depression and Loneliness Coaches, Health Coaches, Motivational and Spiritual Coaches.

We know what it’s like to be alone. That’s why we promised to be there for others. Because it’s much better when there is at least one person out there who believes in you. Schedule your free coaching call here. We love to help you.