7 Things You First Need To Do Before You Can Reach A Higher Level Of Being


You can either let the world happen to you, or you can happen to the world.

The first level of being is becoming conscious. It’s being introduced to the world, entering society, being dependent on others, realizing yourself, you can call it waking up.

The first level is where most people get stuck, not fully waking up to who they are. They live without self awareness, not being able to consciously happen to the world.

They live according to how others live, they follow artificial rules and believe prejudices without even questioning them, they just try to fit in the system.

They don’t question the purpose of the system, or why it exists, or if there is any actual direction of the system. They just follow others. And others follow others. Mindlessly.

In order to reach a higher level of being, to help humanity get unstuck of its mindlessness and advance, you first need to become consciously aware. Here is how to level up.

7 Things You Need To Do To Reach Higher Level Of Being:


1. Individualization.

Becoming an individual is much more important than becoming an adult. Most adults are not individuals. They are still dependent on their family, their job, their government, and these things suck their energy without an apology.

Their family is judgmental and makes most of their decisions, they throw their energy at a job they hate to earn for a living, the government takes some of those earnings while dictating the rules they need to play by. But the point is not to avoid these things.

The point is to not be dependent on them. The point is to make your own decisions, to choose your own job that fulfills you not the one that promises most earnings, to know what’s morally right and choose your own government based on that. To be an individual.

2. Connecting with your core self.

Knowing themselves is one of the most important things a person can achieve in their life. When you know yourself, you are connected with your realest self, and this connection provides you with unlimited supply of personal power.

When you know your tastes, the philosophies and truths you see in life, the style and character that most resonates with who you are, then your expression to the world is the most powerful than any other version of you that you can be.

It’s because your expression is aligned with your real self, with the essence of your self, and the power that it is expressed with comes from this divine place. This is why some people just enter a room and everyone can sense their presence.

3. Taking care of your health.

One of the most important steps that you can take to achieve a higher level of being is to take proactive care of your health and maximize your energy. These two come together, because in order to have more energy you need to be healthy to support it.

Taking proper care of your health usually starts with integrating healthier habits in your lifestyle. However, exercising, eating a healthy diet and having a quality sleep, these things are just the beginning. Health is physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

You need to start taking proper care of your mental health, to meditate daily, to feed your mind with positive information. You need to install positive beliefs, forge a better character. You need to heal emotional wounds, to cut toxicity out of your life.

4. Aligning with your purpose.

There is nothing more attractive than an individual who is aligned and living through their purpose. When you look at these people, they seem to have unexplainable zest, energy and liveliness. They are moving purposefully, like they are dancing.

Your purpose gives you something greater than happiness, it gives you fulfillment, meaning, joy, liveliness and direction. And yes, happiness as well, because happiness is a sign showing you are doing something right for your purpose, even if you are unaware.

To align yourself with your purpose you must follow your passions, they are glimpses of your purpose. Try different things, take a leap of faith, trust your intuition. Every action you take out of inspiration will lead you closer to getting to know your purpose.

5. Flawless authenticity.

This means that you don’t trade your authenticity for anything. You accept yourself fully and wholly, you know who you are and what you stand for, you speak your truth, you stand by your actions, and nothing can corrupt your integrity.

Most people live through fake personalities. They are much different people in reality. They think they hide who they are, but you cannot hide who you are from life, you can just be more fake and less you. This will prevent you from sharing your uniqueness with the world.

You’ll spend your whole life living in the prison of your fakery, you will not be able to improve your rough edges because you hide them. Flawless authenticity is showing your real and flawed self unapologetically to the world while improving as you go.

6. Mastering your own reality.

Humans have many superpowers, they are unaware of most. Creating their own reality is one of them. We are in control of our own reality. No matter if you are aware of it or not, you create your reality. You need to take proactive control and master this superpower.

You need to realize that you live in your own reality. We all do. And this reality is controlled by you. You decide what meaning things will have, what beliefs you will live by, what kind of people you will attract, what rules will apply in your reality.

We all live with illusions. But most of us don’t realize that we are the ones who create these illusions. Our reality is constructed by illusions and we are the magicians. You cannot live without any illusions, but you have the power to create the illusions that benefit you.

7. Transcending the old paradigms.

The world you live in is inherited by our ancestors. Our ancestors had their own cultures and their own ways of life. They had their own technology and societies. But all these ways of life, all these paradigms, are outdated and retarding the advancement of humanity.

In order to reach a higher level of being, you need to transcend these outdated paradigms that most of us inherited by our family. There are so many pointless customs, time and energy wasting behaviors that need to be updated. Humanity needs an upgrade.

And this upgrade starts with each individual. Each of us has to evaluate the paradigms and beliefs that are outdated within our own selves and upgrade to a newer version. Some things need to be let go of in order for progress to happen. Transcend your old paradigms.

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