5 Essential Things That Each Relationship Needs To Be Everlasting


The best thing about relationships is that they push you to grow into a much better self.

Relationships are not complicated when you see the core rules and purpose of each. When you understand the dynamics of relationships, they are actually really simple.

Basically, each relationship is an agreed interaction between individuals who share affection, love and respect for each other. They maintain this loving platform daily.

The platform allows them to come together and push each other to be a better versions of themselves. That’s probably the biggest purpose of relationships. Mutual growth.

Mutual evolution. A system that connects two individuals deeply so they can help their realest versions of themselves come out. It’ why egos get quite the beating within them.

The ego is your false self, and in order for your real self to come through, someone needs to point out all the fakery about you. Every everlasting relationship needs 5 things.

5 Things That Each Relationship Needs:


1. Mutual respect.

Respect is the essential building block of every single functioning relationship. Without mutual respect, there is no environment for love to flourish.

2. Love.

Of course, the key ingredient of every loving relationship is love. But love is not something you acquire once, it’s something you maintain every single day in a relationship.

3. Intimacy.

This does not just mean spending the night together. Real intimacy is allowing someone to explore your inner world. Sharing things you don’t share with everyone.

4. Aligned relationship goals.

No matter how much you love and respect each other, if you don’t have the same relationship goals, the paths you walk will eventually lead you to different places.

5. Continuous growth.

A relationship is a platform established by love where both of you grow continuously, where both of you push each other to be the best version of yourselves.

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