9 ‘Little’ Things All Happy People Have In Their Life That Don’t Cost A Single Dime


If you want to be a happy person, you should create an inner environment that’s allowing your happiness to flourish.

Happiness is something that we are all chasing in one way or another. Whatever anyone does, if you get to the core of it, it’s to feel happy.

Most people think it’s a huge amount of wealth that will give them this happiness, others think it’s fame, some think it’s a beautiful partner.

However, we know people who have wealth, people who are famous, people who are with beautiful partners and are still miserable.

We know people who have all these three components together and are still miserable, maybe even more miserable than before.

It’s because they seek for real happiness in the wrong place. You see, real and lasting happiness, essentially requires 9 quite simple and free things.

9 Things Happy People Have:


1. Strong purpose.

There are two types of happiness. One is momentary. It is evoked within us when we do something we love, or accomplish something, or get what we desire. The other type of happiness is much longer lasting. We call it fulfillment and it comes from having a purpose.

2. Faith in themselves.

Happy people have a strong faith in themselves. This is not the foolish faith that egocentric people show. They don’t see themselves as best in everything. They just know that whatever happens, they are enough to learn and to get better. This gives them freedom.

3. Discipline.

Speaking of freedom and happiness, discipline, even though counterintuitive, is the key to the both. Strong discipline is like a sharp sword. With this sword, you are confident that you can do the things that give you pleasure without steering away from your path.

4. Few really close relationships.

Happiness is not found in many friends and relationships. Real happiness and deeper meaning of life are found in those few relationships with your best friend, family or partner, where you can share the most intimate aspects of your inner world without being judged.

5. State of abundance.

There are two states you can approach life through. A state of scarcity, where you need to fight for most things because there is a lack. Or, the state all happy people live through, the state of abundance, where the world is abundant of everything that you desire.

6. Open mind.

Having an open mind does not mean being naive. It means that you are confident enough in your own intelligence to juggle with couple of contradictory ideas without making assumptions. It’s a state of mind open for new perspectives and continuous learning.

7. Humbleness.

The happiest people are not those who have the most of everything, but those who are the most humble about the things that they have. Lack of humbleness makes people chase more, feeling as not having enough. By being humble, you are free to have enough.

8. Rich sense of humor.

The people who have a great sense of humor are happy people. They don’t have a senes of humor because they are happy though. Their sense of humor is like a colorful lens they can see the world through. No matter what, they can make a joke and laugh about it.

9. Eyes of wonder.

The surest way to live a happy life is to keep the childlike spirit of wonder that most adults forget about. It’s this sense of wonder, feeling a sense of beauty and adventure all around us. A spirit of possibilities and courage, pureness, honesty. That’s what gives happiness.

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