5 Big Reasons Why Getting A Life Coach Is Better Than Reading 1000 Books On Self Help


Knowledge without action is a worse prison than ignorance.

The self help industry is on the rise right now. People are obsessed with reading as much books and watching as much videos as they can.

And yet, the reports on anxiety, depression and loneliness tell that more and more people struggle with these psychological issues. How?

If more information and more awareness is out there about solving these things, it’s kind of strange that the world is struggling even more.

The truth, dear reader, is that it’s not about the information. You can read 1000 books about self help, they will just waste your time if you don’t act.

What we read fades with time. If you don’t act on it, nothing will change. Action is the key, and that’s why one life coach is better than 1000 books.

5 Big Reasons Why Getting A Life Coach Is Better Than Reading 1000 Books:


1. A life coach will make you take action.

Think about this, every single piece of information that you will ever need is out there, it’s free, on the internet.

And yet, people still struggle to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives. Why is that? It’s simple, it’s not about the information, it’s about action.

Most people will read tons of articles and books on self help, they will hear hundreds of podcasts and watch thousands of videos about spirituality.

And they will still be miserable. They will wait for that right piece of information, they will wait and not take any action, so they will not change.

A life coach will bypass this endless loop of being stuck and instead of being addicted to information, a life coach will push you to take right action.

2. A life coach will give you the information you need.

Not just that they will push you to take the right action, a life coach will give you the right and exact information that you need for your situation.

They will spare you time and energy searching through piles of confusing information, most of what you will quickly forget.

They will spare you hours of researching whether or not something works for you and whether or not something is false.

They will spare you the trouble of acting on wrong information and complicating your life even more.

A life coach will evaluate your situation, see where the core of your problem lies, and give you the chewed, exact information that you need.

3. A life coach will create unique steps for your situation.

While reading books is a really good habit, you cannot depend to find all the solutions inside. After all we are all different.

We are different people with different life situations and each person needs a customized approach to their specific problem.

You can find great tips and techniques in a book, great examples and theories, but a book will not know who you are.

The book will not be able to tweak a technique or explain a theory slightly differently so you will be able to understand it and implement it.

A life coach will look at your current situation and they will be able to edit the necessary steps you need to take, or add extra, to best fit your lifestyle.

4. A life coach will keep you accountable.

Even if the right information and the unique, easy and actionable steps are given, most people will flake on taking action and being disciplined.

And that’s not their fault. If they had the discipline they would not need help or a life coach. That’s what life coaches understand and work on.

That’s why a life coach keeps them accountable. They know that real transformation comes with discipline and action taking.

No matter how great of a technique you have, transformation does not happen overnight, it demands a couple of days or weeks of action.

A life coach will check up with their client every day. They will sense if they will flake, if they lack motivation, and give them extra push to keep going.

5. A life coach will be your best friend on your journey.

Last but not least, a life coach is not someone who tells you what to do and waits for you to complete the mission. No, a life coach is your best friend.

Well, at least your best friend along your journey of positive transformation. In fact most life coaches become life coaches because of it.

They know how hard it was for them to go through their tribulations alone, how much they needed a friend when they struggled.

How much they needed at least one person to believe in them. They know how powerful having at least one friend in such situations is.

That’s why most life coaches promised that they will be this person for others. A life coach will help you transform, but they will also listen to you.

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