Here Is The One Healthy Thing That We Learned This May 2019 You Should Know


You have probably heard the immense benefits you get from walking. It’s something so underestimated that most people forget to do more of it.

If there is a simple activity you can start doing today to improve your overall health that’s to walk at least for 20 minutes per day.

Having a walk is healthy, we can all agree on this. But if you want to push this to a new level than you should evolve walking once per week.

The evolved version of walking is hiking. Because you need to be among natural elements when you hike, the health benefits multiply.

You don’t just activate your body, but you activate your spirit, you clear your mind and refresh your heart. It’s literally walking on steroids.

The One Healthy Thing For This Month: Hike once per week.


Choose a day, one when you have free time for at least 3 hours, and implement a hobby of hiking.

Hiking once per week will give you something to be excited about the whole week, a little adventure, a little vacation where you reconnect with Nature.

Your whole week might be hectic and you might be overstressed from work. However, at the end of the week you will have this rite of passage as outlet.

You will have a time only for yourself to escape the modern and hectic lifestyle for a while, to gain clarity, to breathe fresh air and relax.

Hiking has all the benefits that walking gives to you, however, you also get the benefits of being surrounded by natural elements and an exercise.