4 Things You Can Do To Regain Balance If You Are Too Spiritual


Your spiritual self should be equally maintained as your physical self.

We are beings with 4 pillars that we grow on. The Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Mental pillars are all equally important for us to grow.

If one of these pillars is overused, the imbalance affects the other 3 and one of them is lacking the attention the overused one gets from you.

It’s usually people who embark on a spiritual journey and waking up to higher truths that become too spiritual.

They become too spiritual because the spiritual teachings often underestimate the importance of the physical aspect.

This type of imbalance combination can lead to depression, loneliness, anxiety. Here is how to regain balance if you are too spiritual.

4 Things You Can Do If You Are Too Spiritual:


1. Exercise.

If you are too spiritual you probably do not take proper care of your body, you neglect its need for physical activity. Start exercising regularly and you’ll activate your physical aspect.

2. Converse with the ‘common’ folk.

You probably see at the conversations of the ‘regular’ people as pointless and boring. Who would want to speak about some celebrity, or the weather or a pointless event. Well, those conversations actually keep us connected to the physical realm.

3. Hike.

Probably one of the best activities you can do if you are too spiritual is to hike on a mountain or a hill. It’s an exercise but it’s also an activity that you do among natural elements. The physical aspect is best balanced around natural elements.

4. Build something with your hands.

Using your own hands to build something, to create something physical, is a great activity to reconnect with your physical element. You can search for a DIY project or join a pottery class. Whatever it is, make sure you use your hands to build something.

If you are someone who is imbalanced, someone who is too spiritual, and you want to get a Game Plan on how to regain balance, contact us at [email protected] and we will jump on a free coaching call where we will evaluate your Balance Status, and give you exact steps how to regain balance.