3 Simple Steps How To Create Your Own Garden Oasis


Today’s busy world is constantly requiring attention and, in the workplace, it can take almost 25 minutes to get back to work after a distraction. With a shortage of places in which to occasionally escape interruptions, mood and stress levels are negatively affected.

At least at home, you can create your own tranquil oasis in your garden. Away from aggravating diversions, you can feed your spirit, while at the same time stay grounded to the physical world and the restful beauty it provides.

We are natural beings, and our bodies, minds and spirits thrive on a natural lifestyle. Spending just a few minutes a day in nature, away from distraction, can help to alleviate stress and restore your body’s normal balance.

3 Steps Create Your Own Garden Oasis:


1. Preparing the peaceful sanctuary.

Your garden should provide a place to relax and unwind. However, before thinking about adding elements to create an oasis of calm, it’s important to deal with distracting clutter, and ensure your exterior space is safe and well maintained.

Removing broken toys and furniture, dead plants and any other trash, means you can start your garden design with a clean slate. It will also allow access to the exterior of your home to repaint the walls, clean the sidings, and clear gutters or blocked downspouts.

If necessary, seek professional help for a thorough inspection of gutter systems and removal of unsightly and dangerous debris. With practical maintenance in hand, you can then concentrate on planning your garden sanctuary.

2. Introduce the suiting sound of water.

Once exterior renovations are complete, the next step in creating your own personal oasis is to landscape your garden. At the start of your project, try to find place for a water feature.

This could be in the form of an elaborate system of streams and waterfalls, or a simple bird bath that attracts wildlife to the garden. In addition to adding visual appeal, a water feature enhances the tranquil ambiance of the garden with its soothing sound and gentle movement.

Flowing water brings health and harmony to a garden, and is conducive to relaxation and contentment.

3. Create a quiet secluded corner.

Even in a busy family garden, it is still possible to create a spot for quiet contemplation. Choose a secluded corner away from the kids’ play area and other distracting elements.

In a small garden, trellis screening covered with climbing plants or a small gazebo can make the space more private. Include comfortable seating and surround it with plenty of foliage to mimic a natural setting.

Or, for a more minimalist but equally restful oasis, take inspiration from a Zen garden where rocks and stones of different shapes and sizes represent the natural elements associated with peace and tranquility.

Taking just a few minutes each day to sit and reflect in a quiet, natural setting can be beneficial to the mind, body, heart and spirit. Sitting in your own sheltered oasis, surrounded by soothing, natural elements, you can escape from the stressful distractions of everyday life in a place right at your backyard, one of your own making.