10 Signs You Are Too Spiritual And What To Do To Regain Balance


Everything that you use as an escape from reality is messing with your balance and can become an obsession.

There is a global phenomenon of people waking up, people being more interested in spirituality, self help and elevation of consciousness.

And that’s one of the most significant changes that the world is going through right now. Humanity is waking up.

However, this too can be used for the wrong cause, especially if spiritual teachings and spirituality are used as an escape from reality and the self.

If spirituality is an escape, a fix, than it can create imbalance. People can get obsessed with their Spiritual self and neglect their other 3 pillars.

To grow spiritually should not be at an expense of neglecting the physical, it should be an enhancer of the physical, mental and emotional self.

10 Signs You Are Too Spiritual:


1. You feel isolated from others.

When you interact with other people, and that’s rare, you feel as if they will not understand you, as if you know something they don’t, as if you cannot connect.

2. You feel as if the material world is not worth it.

Since you are obsessed with spiritual teachings you see the material world as a distraction. You don’t see the point in pursuing anything that is material, nor building something.

3. You don’t watch movies.

Movies are just mindless distraction for you. The story, the characters, the lessons of the movies, you don’t see any of it. You see them as a mind washing industry.

4. You don’t listen to modern music.

Even though it’s really rare to find some quality music these days, you have completely given up on listening to anything. You avoid modern music, it literally bothers you.

5. You are obsessed with spiritual teachings.

Instead of watching movies, listening to music, playing games, all you want is to get those spiritual fixes. All you read and watch and listen is about spirituality and self help.

6. You are lethargic.

There are days that you don’t see a reason for doing anything. You don’t have a purpose, you think your passions are pointless. You don’t feel like doing anything.

7. You feel lonely.

Deep down you feel really lonely. Even though you realize that we are all connected through spiritual wisdom, you feel as if you don’t belong anywhere.

8. You hate people who take action.

The people who are hungry for success, who work all day on their business, who build something, who take action, you hate all of them. You see them as mindless fools.

9. You don’t actively participate in anything.

Hobbies, passions, activities, events, causes, competitions, parties, you avoid participating in anything. You see it as waste of time. All you want is to learn spiritual lectures.

10. You feel anxious at night or in the morning.

You constantly feel this background buzz of anxiety, especially when you go to sleep at night or early in the morning. You feel as if you are not sure what you are doing.

If you found yourself in more than 3 of these signs you are very likely out of balance. We can help you regain balance of your 4 elements. If you contact us at [email protected] we can jump on a free coaching call and give you couple advices to help you regain balance of your whole being.