The 4 Step Negativity Cycle That Your Emotions Trap You In And How To Escape It


There are no negative emotions, just negative reactions.

Majority of people believe that there are positive and negative emotions. That’s the biggest lie of the self help industry and modern spirituality.

Emotions are not dual. They are like colors, a spectrum. They all carry an important message. They are all valid when you feel them.

What confuses most people is that some emotions are more pleasant than others. We see the pleasant emotions as positive and the unpleasant as bad.

But chasing pleasant emotions, like pleasure, can be really negative. It can destroy you or your potential. And unpleasant emotions can save your life.

Negativity is everything that steers you away from yourself, that leads to lower energy, that imprisons your potential and is harmful.

The 4 Step Negativity Cycle And How To Escape It:


First you feel afraid.

Fear is one of our many emotions. However, what’s special about fear is that it has one of the strongest grips on us.

Whenever we feel fear it completely colors our reality. And because we feel afraid, it’s our default reaction to act on it, to run, to escape what we fear.

This helped us before, when we lived in caves and there was real danger. But most fear that we feel these days is unjustified, it’s not based on danger.

Our outdated programming makes us imagine worst possible scenarios because we are a little bit too comfortable.

And that’s what we fear, those imaginary illusions. So we act on this fear and either run in the opposite direction or mask it with anger.

Then you act on your fear and try to escape it.

So let’s say you feel fear for some reason. You feel anxiety. And you start overthinking about what might possibly go wrong.

You imagine that you will mess things up at your work and your boss will fire you. You imagine that something bad will happen to you.

You feel as if something is out to get you, but you don’t know what. You imagine that you will be left jobless.

Then your mind goes to extreme places. It makes you think that you might become homeless, that you might get sick, that nobody will take care of you.

And you cannot handle these thoughts so you try to escape your own mind. You distract yourself with social media, movies, music and even alcohol.

Desire appears as your savior and you run towards it.

You are afraid but you manage to escape your mind. However, the moment you are left alone with yourself you get back to these fearful thoughts.

And then, desire shows up. You see an ad, or a movie, or someone on social media posting about the incredible life they live full of positivity.

And you see a glimmering of positive vibes. You want that for yourself. You think that if you get enough money, or whatever it is, you won’t be afraid.

You will finally be free from your mental hell and you will not be afraid ever again. You will be saved by the things you desire.

So you start running toward that direction. You start doing work you hate just to make those money or you start addicting yourself to distractions.

You feel guilt, shame and inner emptiness.

All your actions are based on your inability to face your fear. Your addictions to escape yourself and your desires promising freedom.

It’s all because you try to escape a part of yourself, the part that is afraid. You do everything you can to free yourself from it.

And the more you do things to escape this part of yourself, the more you turn your back on your real self.

And you feel emptiness inside of you. Even if you achieve some of your desires, after a short time, the fear is still there, but worse, stronger.

Because you run away from yourself you feel shame, guilt. These emotions just fuel your fear even more and the cycle continues.

You can easily escape this negative cycle.

This negative cycle is how most humans live their lives. They run from their own shadows and they are not even aware of it. Awareness is the key here.

Once you are aware of this vicious cycle it’s really easy to escape it. It’s almost funny how easy it always was.

You see, the problem is that we unconditionally believe our thoughts. We take them for granted. However, the mind just thinks what it runs on.

So fear generates fearful thoughts. They don’t mean anything, they just tell you the type of emotion you feel. And fear is not bad, it tries to protect you.

All you need to do to escape this negative cycle is to embrace your fear. To sit with it. Feel it. Let it know you are aware of it. And let it run its course.

The simplicity of escaping this cycle might be confusing, so if you want to learn more about how to escape the cycle of negativity, message us at [email protected] and we will schedule a free consultation call.