The 3 Layered Story That Controls Most Of Your Life


We don’t just create stories for fun, we need stories as much as we need food and water.

We, human beings need a story in order to live. We need a narrative to follow, it’s an integral part of our spirit.

All the stories we have told, be that in books, movies or through some other form of art, those stories are the same bigger story we are part of.

We just tell it in a different way. We create different plot lines and narratives, different heroes, conflicts and villains, but it’s all the same.

It’s the same story we are part of. It’s the same conflict we have within us with different parts of our psyche.

We don’t see this because we have put layers to this story. We are not even aware of the real narrative that controls most of our life. Let me explain.

The 3 Layered Story You Live By:


1. The story you want to tell others.

This is a story told by The EGO. This story is all about how you want to appear to others. Most of the world sees this narrative as the norm. But it’s a facade.

This story is the person who, being all depressed, works out a smile when they speak with their friends, so they wont see their inner sadness, their pain, their insecurity.

And we tell this story to the world all the time. You see everyone around you smiling, happy, and you think there’s something wrong with you. So you act as everyone else.

2. The story you tell yourself.

This is a story told by The SELF. It’s the story you tell yourself based on assumptions and explanations. You believe this story with your life and you think reality is based on it.

This is the depressed person who assumes nobody likes them, who explains their loneliness with the bad taste of others, their sadness with the world being a dark place.

We believe this story and it overlays our reality. If the depressed person speaks to someone they will look just for the details that reinforce their narrative, and nothing else.

3. The story you are not aware of.

This is a story told by The SOUL. It’s the underlying reality that almost nobody is aware of, the real story we translate to this smaller narratives. We are unconscious of it.

This is the reason why the person is depressed, the past trauma and unhealed wound of rejection or abandonment, a stuck energy pulling the strings to be released.

And instead of facing this wound and releasing the energy, we explain it with a story that reinforces it. And on top of it all, we fake another story for others to see us by.

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