Monthly Astrology And Energy Update: 3 Things May 2019 Is Bringing For Each Person


The previous months were more about releasing the energy that’s holding us back. This month is SURRENDER.

It’s about shedding the old and letting go of it while welcoming the new. It’s about healing and letting happiness settle in our lives.

The energy might seem less intense than the previous months, but in reality it’s just a different type of energy.

The intensity of this month’s energy is still strong but it reveals to us more novelty. For those who cling to old things it might seem really intense.

This is because this month is all about stepping out of the old and into a new and better reality, and it’s literally pushing us forward.

3 Things May 2019 Is Bringing For Each Person:


All through the month of May, we have this wonderful, healing, and restorative energy on offer to us. It is a relatively quiet month with not as much going on as the months that have passed but it’s an important period for healing, realigning and getting unstuck.

During the month of May, we also have three planets in retrograde, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. Things are going to feel gentler and we are going to have more time to reflect over the past and to think what is best for our future.

In fact, this energy is definitely guiding us to take a look at the quality of our lives and of our choices, and to adjust and make changes where necessary. It’s a great period to check in with ourselves and ensure that we are heading in the direction that we want to be.

While there is no limit on what changes we can make, under the influence of Taurus Season it’s a great time to change our diet, to change our day to day routine to be more aligned with our goals, and tweak our financial habits.

The first significant date in May is the New Moon which falls on the 4th in the sign of Taurus. This is a lovely New Moon that will be sending beams of hope, love, healing, and grace straight into the pit of our soul.

There is favorable energy for communication all through the month of May, so if a difficult conversation needs to be had, don’t shy away from it. Instead, use the Mars energy of the New Moon to find your confidence and your inner warrior.

One the 18th we have the Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio. The Scorpio Full Moon is classically one of the most potent and powerful of the year. This is because Scorpio is the sign synonymous with transformation and spiritual growth.

The energy is going to be potent and is a sign from The Universe that we really need to be releasing, detoxifying, and letting go in order to welcome in the new energies that are waiting to surround planet Earth.

This is the perfect time to lighten our energy, and to shed and release all that is weighing us down. While we don’t want to brush our problems under the rug, we also don’t want to get fixated and stuck obsessing about them.

Surrendering is not a passive act. In fact, it’s one that demands a high amount of courage. When we surrender and trust the divine rhythms of The Universe we are left with a knowing that all is as it should be and all will be revealed and resolved as it should be.

Surrendering is about following through on the guidance that arises, rather than fighting or struggling to know which way to turn. When you surrender and trust in the process, problems are resolved with more ease and with less tension and stress.

Following the Full Moon, we enter into Gemini Season on the 21st. We are moving out of Earth and into Air, and we are going to feel the lightness that comes with this. Gemini Season is all about communication, creativity, and self expression.

As we wrap up the end of the month, we are going to feel calmer, more balanced, and centered in our selves. We are going to feel that we have had the chance to catch our breath and reflect on the path we are walking.

The first thing that this month gives is opportunity to Shed The Old Self. The energy of this month will highlight all the areas in your life that hold you back and that you cling onto. This is with a purpose so you can let go of them and evolve.

The second thing that this month gives is a chance Push To Move Forward. The energy pushes us forward to enter and welcome a new and happier version of reality, to open our hearts and finally move forward in our journey.

The third thing that this month gives is Smoother Happiness Availability. The energy will guide you to find out the things that make you happy and realize that with happiness you feel peaceful and fulfilled within yourself, so follow this guide.